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Reading to Babies

Reading to Babies | Jax FL Baby Nurse

Reading to Babies Prior to my first pregnancy I read somewhere about the benefits of reading to babies. I sure am glad that I did because not only did I enjoy it, my babies loved it equally as much. Reading to babies helps them develop cognitive thinking skills, helps build their vocabulary, and it enhances their memory. Studies have also shown that when we read to babies and small children they are more likely to develop a love for literature. As an added bonus we're almost guaranteed some snuggle time when we're reading to babies!

You don't have to wait to start reading to babies! You can begin while they are still in womb. Whatever pregnancy, birth, or parenting books you're already reading just read aloud! It's also a great way to get your partner involved too! Switch off reading aloud with them! You can listen to books on tape and reading to and with older children aloud counts too! Books make great gifts!

Don't worry, not everyone is reading to their babies that early! High contrast books like Black & White  and picture and board books like Giraffes Can't Dance , "More More More", said the baby!, and First 100 Words are excellent firsts for reading to babies. It will be nearly impossible for most babies to make it through the entire book at an early age. There's no rush! Take your time. One to three pages just talking about each picture and letting them explore is what you are aiming for. Soon enough you'll get rewarded with some adorable expressions and babble!

Just start! You don't have to have Morgan Freeman's narrative voice or be an excellent entertainer when reading to babies. You just have to do it. Some love it right away and others need time to warm up to this fundamental activity. Keep doing it! Reading is one of the very best things you can do for a child's development. Their imaginations flourish when they are read to.

I am guilty of not reading to my kids as often as I should. Try not to beat yourself up. In the beginning aim to "read" to your baby 5 minutes 3x a day. As they begin walking shoot for 10 minutes 2x a day. As they start to use their words try to get in 10 minutes 3x a day. There is no set rules, you know your child best. Some sit longer, some are always on the move!

Get creative and resourceful! In the checkout line at the grocery store pull out a book from your bag and read. Don't have one; grab one from the book section. There's nearly always a wait at the doctor’s office, either in the waiting room or in the exam room, read! Read to them as they play in the tub, sit in their highchair, or while they sit on their potty. Books on tape in the car are a life saver for our family.

readng to babies jax fl | Jax fl Baby nurse

You'll fall in love with reading to babies! Babies are so curious. Their expressions, the sweetest! Introducing books is an excellent way to bond with these tiny humans. When I'm reading to babies it's hard not to be mesmerized with their fascination of the World within the pages.

First Coast Doulas Top 5 Favorite Books for Reading to Babies

We would love to hear from you. What are your favorite books to read to your children? Publication: Parents who read to their children nurture more than literacy skills.

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