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A Parent's Christmas Wish

Updated: May 5

A Parent's Christmas Wish

written by: Elizabeth Luke

read to the tune of: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Tis the season of giving, when all through the city, parents are snuggling their sweet itty bitties!

The fur baby was fed and walked with care, but the tree wasn't lit and the cookies sat bare.

The fridge was half full of old produce and take-out, while the sink runeth over and bottles are strewn about.

Parents sit exhausted from teething, night feedings, and rocking, but little do they know there's a gift in their stockings.

Someone who knows the challenges new parents face, has left them a gift that no one can replace.

A certificate ensuring a great night's sleep, expert baby care, and a safe place if they need to weep.

You see new parent's don't wish for silver or gold, they wish for sound sleep and food that's not cold.

A new parent's wish is for adult conversation, a hot cup of coffee, and perhaps a little encouragement and commiseration. Is it too much to ask to go pee all alone, or to make a five minute call on the phone?

When The Jax Baby Co. arrived on site, the finishing touches were added, and many chores made right.

She was a steadfast right-hand wo-man, who led with little direction. She totally "gets it", but she also strived for perfection!

The laundry was finished, the dishes ran through, old food tossed out, and shopping done too!

A casserole made, snacks were prepped, and all those holiday cards addressed while they slept.

After the baby was bathed, the tree was lit, and the parents didn't mind it not one little bit!

In the morning they sprung up with great disbelief, but their baby was fine, they all slept, what a relief!

And as their specialist left, the parents said with a smile, "You're amazing, thank you! We have you on speed dial!"

At The Jax Baby Company, our specialists don't fit into stockings, but our gift certificates do! We provide postpartum and infant care support, sleep shaping, sleep training, and classes for birth and parenting!

Contact us today to get a one of a kind gift certificate for those special parents this season!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


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