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Parenting is Like Spaghetti

Updated: May 8

Parenting is like spaghetti | Jax FL Infant Sleep

Parenting is Like Spaghetti Parenting is like spaghetti! "How so", you ask? Between diaper changes, feedings, story time, baths, playtime, and meltdowns your entire day has gotten away from you. Where has the time gone? It's now 5:30 and you're wondering what you're going to make for dinner. Sure you knew you needed to get to the store. You even started making the list, but the execution, well that's another story entirely. Quick, what's your go to?

I bet spaghetti made your top 3 list!

What I've found is that almost every kitchen I've been in has the essential ingredients needed to throw together a pot of spaghetti!

Like most pantries, I bet your pantry has some type of pasta and tomato sauce in it! Linguine, fettuccini, angel hair, or bow tie pasta, come on whatcha got in there? No pasta? How about a spaghetti squash or some zucchini lying around? Reaching into your freezer right now I bet you can pull out some ground beef or pork or smoked or kielbasa sausage! No? No worries, meatless spaghetti is totally a thing! What veggies and herbs do you have available? Mushrooms, onions, garlic, basil, oregano. eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, kale, or leeks? Am I right when I say I bet you have all the essential ingredients you need in your house right now to make some form of spaghetti? Noodles and sauce? Maybe some meat, veggies, or both?

Could you use more or better ingredients? Sure!

But can you get by on what you have and make it amazing? YES!

Likewise, I've found that almost every parent has exactly what they need inside of them to be amazing parents!

Like most parents, I bet you have love in your heart! I imagine that you have some patience, some days more than others. Am I right? No patience today? That's ok, like meatless meals mental health and self-care days are totally a thing! Do you have some guidance to offer, things to teach, and a strong desire to raise compassionate, happy, and successful, by their own definition, humans? Yes! Then indeed I think we can agree that parenting is like spaghetti!

Just like nearly every home has the essentials to make a pot of spaghetti, I bet you have all the essentials to be the best parent you can be right now, today!

Moral of the story, parenting is messy!

Well, yes, but not quite the moral we're going for!

Spaghetti pairs great with wine and is better the second day!

Truth! I won't argue that either!

The real moral is that we can learn new ways, embrace our flaws. pick up ingredients and techniques, and Google along the way, but if you think parenting is like spaghetti we can make the best of it!

If you're expecting a baby in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you are looking for great birth and parenting classes get in touch with us! We teach informative,  engaging, science and research-based classes for all parenting styles!

Happy Birth & Spaghetti Making...

I Mean Happy Birth & Parenting!

Parenting is like a plate of spaghetti | Jax FL Infant Sleep

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