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Sleep Training

It's taking forever for your baby to fall asleep, only to have them wake up frequently, night after night. Your baby needs more sleep for healthy development, and you need rest too! Our Infant Sleep Specialist comes to you, does all of the "heavy-lifting", and has you and your baby sleeping in 7 nights or less.

Sleep is a game-changer! Is your baby getting enough age-appropriate sleep for proper brain development? Are they truly happy and healthy? If you’re exhausted, short-tempered, or concerned about your own lack of sleep, then you need The Jacksonville Baby Company!

Exhaustion isn’t a badge of honor; it’s dangerous and affects all aspects of your life.

I have amazing news for you! You do not have to accept this as your best life!

You can be well-rested and rise and shine once again!

Newborn baby sleeping safe on back

How Do I Know Which Is Best For Us: Overnight Infant Care, Sleep Shaping & Coaching, Or Sleep Training?

What’s Overnight Sleep Support?

Our specialists work with you and your family to support your parenting style! No matter what age or stage of development your baby is in there are always things we can do to help you and your baby get more sleep! 

Newborn To 3 Months

A newborn will do best overnight with one of our postpartum and infant care specialists. The Jacksonville Baby Company doesn't "sleep train" newborns. We provide one on one, full and attentive care through the night along with safe and healthy sleep associations during this stage! Your specialist sets your baby up for success and affords you the peace of mind you need to get much needed sleep. You can be a part of it all or pick and choose the level of support you want while we handle the rest!

3 To 6 Months Old

At 3-6 months old your infant will still do wonderfully overnight with one of our postpartum and infant care specialists. If you have a great thing going, I wouldn’t attempt to fix what isn’t broken. However, by 3-4 months old a lot is changing in terms of  development and sleep. Now is the ideal time to begin laying a healthy foundation for good sleep if you haven't already! We implement gentle strategies while you get much needed rest and we will coach you along the way. Together we get your baby on track for restful sleep through their next stage of development!

6 To 12 Months Old

Most infants 6-12 months old have the capability to sleep through the night.  They’ll do well overnight with a postpartum and infant care specialist and continued sleep shaping. However, if sleep training is more your speed, babies in this age range do well with it! Our infant sleep specialist comes to you to sleep train your little one for you when you’re ready! Then she will teach you what you need to know to be consistent and keep your baby on the right track.

Let Our Team Help You Find The Best Fit

Expert Sleep Training Tips

Baby  not sleeping through the night?

Discover how you can help your baby achieve a full night's sleep.

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