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Post-Birth Meal Jax, FL | Smoothies & Tacos | Lobster & Steak

Updated: May 8

post-birth meal Jax, FL | Placenta Jax, FL

Post-Birth Meal Jax, FL | Smoothies & Tacos | Lobster & Steak

I bet you're already envisioning your post-birth meal now! It will be the best meal you've ever eaten, you'll devour it, and it shall be heavenly! If you're like many couples they are enjoying lobster and steak dinner brought to their hospital room on a silver platter. It's hospital room service for two! Um, yes, please! I bet you just envisioned sipping a delicious smoothie just like Hilary Duff did after the birth of her baby, a placenta smoothie post-birth meal that is!

NO?! Awe come on!

How about placenta tacos for your post-birth meal?

Did you just say out loud, "hell no"? If you're thinking, what the actual f*ck, then you're probably a lot like most of the clients we work with who DO choose to consume their placenta, in dried, powdered, and in capsule form! Like you, most women wonder why anyone would ever consider consuming their placenta, but many women have found that consuming their placenta in capsule form is much more palatable than say--grilled or broiler!

Like who comes up with this shit? Why? Let's see,  baby name agreed on, clothes picked out, gear put together, and oh yeah, why not eat my placenta! Seriously! Is there a bunch of bat-shit crazy women sitting around a voodoo fire chanting as channel their inner cray-cray thinking of bazar shit to do after giving birth to their babies? Things like placenta smoothies, cleaning the house, and waiting hand and foot on family and friends who come by to congratulate them?

Nah girl! Believe it or not, most of these women are just like you and me! They're your neighbors, co-workers, your primary-care doctor, sisters, best friends, and even your pastor's very traditional wife. Just because they haven't told you doesn't mean they didn't consume their placenta with their post-birth meal, or at least within a few days of their post-birth meal! They're just being proactive in their approach to postpartum health and wellness. These ladies want to heal naturally after birth. They're hoping to have a good production of breastmilk, keep their mood fluctuations within the range of normal, and enjoy their babies as much as possible.

Will you join the placenta post-birth meal movement along with Hilary Duff, Kim K., Chrissy Teigen, Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone, January Jones, and many other celebrity moms? Let us know!

Are you curious? Do you have questions and concerns? We know you do! Would you like a great post-birth meal and skip the damn smoothie and tacos? LMAO, we have the answers you seek! Contact us today, we will set up a complimentary phone consult to chat!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

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