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The Walking Dead; Don't Be A Zombie

Updated: May 8

the walking dead; being a zombie sucks

What's one of the biggest challenges that new parents face in the first year postpartum? You guessed it, having enough energy to power through! Ask just about any new parent you know how they're feeling and I bet you'll get a variety of responses, anything from, "Doing great! A little drained, but I shouldn't complain, at least I get a few solid hours of sleep here and there," to "I don't know how I will keep going like this. I feel like The Walking Dead!" In the third trimester it's very common to have a difficult time finding a comfortable position to get to sleep. For some, this starts early in pregnancy and only grows harder in the third trimester. Staying asleep is even more of a challenge when you have to pee every hour on the hour! A baby pushing down on your squished bladder is no joke. Add that to the long list of crap pregnant and new moms deal with day in and day out and it's becomes apparent, yet again, how strong we all are! These challenges in the third trimester are like a warm up for long nights and challenges that lie ahead.

You don't have to feel like The Walking Dead, because being a zombie sucks! There’s no substitute for sleep and healthy eating postpartum, in fact those are two of the best way to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically well after birth. I have good news! First Coast Doulas has two ways to help you have more energy and heal faster, two ways to fight feeling like The Walking Dead! Exciting right?! Our clients agree!

Placenta Capsules A great way to feel more balanced, heal faster, and have more energy after delivering your baby is to have your placenta put into capsule form. Placenta encapsulation has become popular in recent years, but women have been ingesting their placenta for many, many years! Our Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist come to you to professionally prepare your placenta in a socially acceptable form, capsules! No ick, more energy, all-natural healing! It's not uncommon for people hear about placenta encapsulation and think and even say, "Wow, why would someone eat their placenta?" I picture people who love the show The Walking Dead envisioning a zombie eating a placenta! Sorry for that vision, but that's not what really happens with placenta encapsulation, not at all. First Coast Doulas provides you with a great experience so you can have the energy to power through those long days and nights that are inevitable!

Postpartum Doula Hiring our postpartum doulas to take over night shifts a few nights a week is a great way to get in those hours you need to parent your children through those long days ahead. Our doulas are a huge asset to new parents and the entire family! Hiring a postpartum doula doesn't mean you're hiring a nanny, or someone else is raising your baby. It means you have someone to look after baby while you get the sleep you need! Your postpartum doula can bring your baby to you to nurse so you can stay in bed. She can give a bottle or two if that is your goal! She'll burp, change baby's diapers, sooth him or her back to sleep, and keep a watchful eye so you can get the sleep you need when you need it most! She can even help fold a load of laundry left in the dryer! Support without judging your decisions for your family!

Getting the rest you need and taking your placenta capsules will help you get your energy back and stop feeling like The Walking Dead! After all being a zombie sucks!

the walking dead best doulas in jax

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