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Tummy Time Tips for Success

Updated: May 5

Tummy Time Tips for Success

I received a text last week from a father we've been working with. It read, "HELP! I need some tummy time tips. Our daughter is getting pissed any time I try. Am I doing it wrong?" The next morning Madeleine arrived and was met by dad, eager to learn ways to make tummy time less stressful! Of course, when Madeleine went over the tips with this father, demonstrating with his daughter, she was just as tickled as she could be about it! Don't worry parents, you're not doing it "wrong" our specialists just have a way with babies!

For sleep, back is best, but we must balance that with plenty of awake tummy time.

Tummy time is what exactly?

Tummy time just means the time your baby spends time on his or her stomach while awake and supervised. This is done several times daily for 2-10 minutes each time to help him/her/them strengthen and develop muscles and avoid positional plagiocephaly (a.k.a. flat head syndrome).

Is tummy time really that important?

It absolutely is! Think about how much time your baby is on their back. In the car, in the bouncy seat, swing, in their crib, and riding out in the stroller. That's a lot of time in the supine position. First, it's important for motor skills to help your baby roll, sit, crawl, and eventually walk. It's also important for cognitive development.

Here are our Best Tummy Time Tips for Success:

Timing is Everything!

Not all babies like tummy time, shocker huh?! Even though tummy time isn't a favorite pastime for most babies, if you start within a few days of birth you may find that your baby is more accepting of it. Begin at a time of day when they are awake and happy, but not immediately after being fed or right before they are about to fall asleep. Tricky with a newborn, but it can be done!

Chest Bumps and Baby Rumps!

Baby's tummy on your chest counts! They may find this far more comforting than being placed on a play mat since they get to feel the warmth from your body and hear your heart beating too! Do you see the photo at the beginning of this blog of the man holding the baby on his chest? Totally counts! Laying them across your legs while you're in a sitting position also counts! For safety always keep one hand on your baby at all times! The bonus here is that you get to pat their cute little tush!

Get Down and Boogie!

Don't hesitate to get down on the floor and engage with your baby at their level! Talk, hum, and sing to them. Show them a high contrast book or blocks, babies LOVE it!

Utilize the crib!

Remember, awake and supervised and tummy is fine! Place a playmat in your baby's crib and let 'em chill! Bring a book and get in some reading for a few minutes while your little one gets a works out!

Special Reserve!

Bust out the special reserves and raise spirits! Baby spirits, not liquid spirits! Set up a small bin with special toys, blocks, and books that are reserved only for tummy time! Think different textures, natural sounds, and contrasting colors to draw their attention!

Flip 'Em & Reverse It!

Most parents can usually get a minimum of 2-3minutes of tummy time in before their baby flips the flip out! When you notice your baby is beginning to get agitated pull a Missy Elliot on 'em! Flip them over (gently of course) onto their backs for a few minutes! Then, give them a couple of minutes and reverse it! Flip them back over facing the opposite direction! Wash, rinse, repeat!

Tummy time does not have to be stressful, your baby and you can learn to love this time together!

Follow the tips we've listed here for you and drop any new ideas you have in the comments below! Looking for compassionate care and knowledgeable support around the house? Contact us today and join the many families around the Greater Jacksonville area who knew what they wanted and hired us to help them achieve it!

Happy Birth & Parenting,


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