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Mantras for Each Month of the Year

Updated: May 5

Mantras for Each Month of the Year

When you think of a mantra what comes to mind? A word or phrase repeated? A word or phrase used for motivation? I like to think of mantras similarly to affirmations or mini meditations that anyone can do, any time, any place! We love meditation and the inner peace it brings, so we're sharing mantras for each month of the year with all of you amazing humans!

I'm aware that introducing mantras for each month of the year after the first quarter has already come and gone seems a bit...odd, but the great thing about these is you can start anytime and apply these mantras year after year in new ways!

May's Mantra: Less is more!

What ever that means to you! Less noise, fewer commitments, less food, less travel, less social media, less stuff! What does "less is more" mean to you?

June's Mantra: Stop watering dead plants!

Are you pouring from your own cup and watering things that just won't grow? Feeling a little taken for granted or that relationship you've been working at is leading you in circles? Stop giving that energy away!

July's Mantra: Just start!

A journey or a thousand miles begins with a single step. Just starting can be the hardest part! That's not to say preparation isn't beneficial. It is, but don't let all the details hold you back. You only live once! Get to stepping!

August's Mantra: I am enough!

There isn't a single person just like you anywhere in existence. None of us are without flaws, and each of us is special. You are beautiful just the way you are! You ARE enough!

September's Mantra: I am right where I am suppose to be!

Focus on the now! Yes goals are good! Dreaming should never stop, but there is peace, joy, ans satisfaction in accepting where you're at in this very moment.

October's Mantra: What I think, I become!

The mind is a powerful thing! With intention set yourself up to become exactly who you want to be in this life!

November's Mantra: I choose joy!

You have the power to choose joy! You can't always choose what happens or when it will happen, but you always have a choice. Choose joy!

December's Mantra: Calm is Contagious!

Calm is contagious! So is chaos. Quiet the background noise, use your breath for change and influence those around you with the power of calm!

January's Mantra: I'm planting seeds!

Each day, each experience and every interaction with another human being you are planting seeds. What seeds are important to you? What are you cultivating? Kindness?

February's Mantra: I will make it worth it!

What is your "it"? Make whatever "it" is worth it! You can never get this day back! Where will you send your energy?

March's Mantra: I have enough!

I have enough love in my heart, enough courage in my soul, and enough stress in my life. What do you have enough of?

April's Mantra: Silence is Golden!

Silence and focused breathing helps me center myself. Sitting in silence, listening more, and speaking less allows me to be present and be a better friend.

Feel free to add to these mantras for each month of the year.

What resonates with you? What moves you? Is there something you can do today to encourage yourself and others? What mantras are your mantras? Leave us a comment below and for the most supportive experience and help at home after you give birth contact us today! We're your feel-good baby and postpartum experts!

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

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