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What's Affecting Your Baby's Sleep

Updated: May 7

mom leaning over playpen trying to get baby to sleep.

What's Affecting Your Baby's Sleep

If you're here trying to figure out why your baby isn't sleeping through the night, you've come to the right place. Today I will lay out some common factors that influence your baby's sleep patterns. Our goal is to provide helpful information without promoting unrealistic expectations.

Realistic Expectations and Avoiding Pressure When It Comes to Your Baby's Sleep

Many parents experience societal pressure regarding their baby's sleep habits. Questions like "Is he sleeping through the night yet?" may create undue stress. It's essential to understand that most babies under 6 months old may not be ready to sleep through the night without a feeding. Every baby is unique, and the process varies. It's crucial to focus on age-appropriate sleep patterns and balance between sleep and awake time.

Stimulating Awake Time

Engaging with your baby during awake periods is vital. Consider incorporating activities that stimulate their senses without overwhelming them. Activities such as exposure to natural light, tummy time, playmats with high-contrast images, reading, singing, outdoor walks, and gentle singing can contribute positively to their development.

Learning New Skills

Babies go through rapid developmental phases, mastering new skills such as rolling, babbling, teething, and more. It's common for sleep to be temporarily disrupted during these periods. Understanding that these disturbances are part of your baby's growth journey can alleviate concerns. Typically, these disruptions only last a few nights as they adapt to their newfound abilities.

Sleep Environment and Sufficient Daytime Calories

Evaluate your baby's sleep environment and ensure it promotes a restful atmosphere. Consider if your baby is receiving adequate calories during the day, preventing the need for nighttime feedings. Sometimes, parents unknowingly disrupt their baby's sleep and may need to adjust their approach during nighttime wakings.

If your baby isn't yet sleeping through the night and you're feeling sleep-deprived, remember that seeking assistance from professionals specializing in newborn and infant sleep can be beneficial. Understanding your baby's unique needs and implementing age-appropriate strategies can lay the foundation for a more restful night for both you and your baby. Our team is here to provide guidance and support as you navigate this important aspect of parenting.

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Authored by Elizabeth Luke

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Jacksonville Baby Company. Elizabeth and her husband and best friend, Richard are parents to four children. With certifications in Postpartum and Infant Care Support, Childbirth and Newborn Care Education, Lactation Support, and Infant Sleep, Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge and has a heart for helping parents live their best lives while also ensuring their children are safe, happy, and leading their healthiest lives possible! Contact us today for day, night, and live-in support! 

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