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Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body

Updated: May 6

Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body

If this poem about the postpartum body touches you, please share it with your friends so that they may be touched too! I wrote this poem in honor of all mothers. Mothers with babies here in their arms, babies who have babies of their own, and mothers who have babies who are no longer on this Earth.

For mothers of one and mothers of ten. For those who are confident in themselves and their beauty both internal as well as external and for those who struggle with believing they are beautiful.

For the adoptive mothers and for those who made the selfless decision to bless another woman with motherhood. For the surrogate mothers, for the mothers who birthed alone and the mothers who birthed surrounded by support.

For mothers who had cesarean births and mothers who had a vaginal birth, birth is birth. For all the mothers who have grown and changed, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Life is a journey, you are never the same person today as you were yesterday. Grow, change, and love yourself. Noone can ever love you quite the way you are capable of loving yourself. To each and every one of you I say, you are beautiful. Your postpartum body is beautiful!

The Jacksonville Baby Company hopes you see your postpartum body as beautiful, we sure do!

Beautiful is Your Postpartum Body

by Elizabeth Luke

A softness never felt before,

An empty space once full,

Your hips have spread, and blood is shed,

Nothing is ever quite comparable.

Your eyes bare witness to skin stretched and worn,

It’s your pre-baby body your new motherly body mourns.

Milk drips unapologetically from your breasts, this has never happened before,

You gently grasp them and notice, that they are tender and sore.

The tone and definition that once adorned your arms,

Has slowly been replaced with motherly beauty and charm.

Gazing back in the mirror, a strangers eyes you meet,

A stranger in your skin is the strangest you will meet.

Standing in your postpartum body, you gauge the extent of the transformation,

When suddenly you gain acceptance as you experience a revelation.

This stranger soon becomes familiar, a woman you once knew,

A woman whose has grown and stretched to become what she was destined to.

Destine to become a mother, beautiful and true,

In her own postpartum body,

She grew into someone new.

Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body,

You are beautifully and wonderfully made,

Beautiful is your postpartum body,

Please do not be afraid.

Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body,

It grew,

And it changed,

And it birthed.

Embrace your beautiful postpartum body,

Let your radiating light shine through,

For when you accept what you have become you will be renewed.

Happy Birth & Parenting!


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