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What Would Wonder Woman Do?

Updated: May 8

Authored by Keira Packard

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Dear Wonder Woman, Yes, you. You with your messy bun and a T-shirt stained with baby food. Yeah, I'm talking to you.  I’ve got a secret. Want to hear it? Wanting “Me time” is perfectly normal and healthy. Yeah, you heard me right.

Even Wonder Woman gets a break every now and then. In today’s Western society women are supposed to be all and do all; the Wonder Woman of the modern family. We are mothers, wives, employees, bread winners, friends, volunteers, chefs, cleaning ladies, hot spandex-wearing crime fighters...the list goes on and on. Taking a break, whether it’s to shower (alone and at a decent hour) or to have dinner with your girlfriends, has somehow become frowned upon. Wonder Woman’s job is never done. As a wife and mother of two I'm lucky to be able to stay at home while my husband works. Money and time are tight, but it’s worth it to have the opportunity to take care of my family. The downside is the lack of “Me time.” Grocery shopping is done mostly with one or two children in tow, I share my showers with my little one more often than not and the luxury of finishing a fresh cup of hot coffee is a distant memory! Wonder Woman needs her caffeine too! To combat the constant presence of others, every mother, me and you included, should take the time to do for ourselves. Go get a pedicure, have a glass of wine on the porch or take a hot relaxing bath.

Not only should we do these things regularly, but they should be done without guilt! I can admit to feeling guilty when I do things that are just for me. I recently went clothes shopping alone at my husband’s insistence and it was so wonderful to sift through racks of clothes and not worry about the stroller being in the aisle or my six-year-old playing hide and seek amongst the rows of dresses. But even as I enjoyed my moments alone my mind drifted to home and how I could be marking off another thing on my to-do list instead of “wasting” time on me. I know it’s a struggle I'm not alone in. This kind of thinking is not only wrong, but it’s unhealthy. We are human beings, not machines. Relaxation and joy are crucial to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There is no shame in indulging in life’s little pleasures as you step out of your Wonder Woman role. My challenge to you is twofold: start by planning one thing every week to do for yourself. Crack open that new book you've been meaning to read or stay up just a little late to eat that tiny carton of Chunky Monkey you've stashed behind the frozen peas.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is to not let anyone, yourself included, make you feel guilty for it! Enjoy the many roles you play, but remember: super suits are meant to be worn and taken off. Take comfort in the times you can stow away for yourself. Your body and those around you will thank you.

What Would Wonder Woman Do

About the author: Keira is married with two children and the owner and knitted designer of Keira is a hardworking wonder woman who knows all too well the importance of me time. Now, making time and not feeling guilty about it is the struggle many of us face. The more you practice it, the easier it becomes to see the reasoning for it!

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