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Loads of Fun While Pregnant

Loads of fun while pregnant jax fl

Loads of Fun While Pregnant

I will preface this blog by saying I know this won't appeal to everyone, it's cool! Many of  you can relate, and for those of you who think it's tacky I respect that! I hope you enjoy this blog, even if it only gives you a great laugh and you do nothing more than close and forget it.

Pregnancy and parenting are humbling experiences. Be sure to laugh and laugh often! Try if you can to have loads of fun while pregnant! Being pregnant is challenging so why not have a little fun with those around you?!? Where's my "You've Been Punked" people at? Remember that show? This blog is in honor of all the pregnant people with a sense of humor and some time on their hands.

Want a fun way to get shit started while your pregnant? Oops, I mean have fun while you're pregnant? Time to get your partner and their bestfriend in on the fun! Post a pic of something like this and then closing down your computer for the night. This would sure make people talk! Let the good times roll!

baby jacksonville florida

Everyone loves ultrasound pictures pregnancy updates! How about an update after an appointment for the well-meaning, overly excited, borderline annoying family or friend? We love them, but sometimes, sometimes, we want to...prank them! What did you think I was going to say?

Here's one that's pretty self explanatory for "those people".

childbirth jacksonville

Here's a creative way to announce the sex of your baby when you don't know the sex of your baby! Perhaps you've decided not to find out the sex of the baby, but you haven't told anyone yet to avoid the never ending stream of comments and questions. How about a non-gender reveal party instead of balloon release (because that's horrible for our Earth) or cake smash? Not that those aren't precious and fun! The invites could say something along the lines of, "What will the Luke's baby be, join us for a party to see!" The theme when people arrive can be "sex doesn't matter"! The banner could say, "Girl or Boy we're filled with joy!" The cake could say, "We're here for more than the sex!!" You could serve a cake that's a rainbow of colors! You could play games to highlight that babies born with a penis and babies born with a vagina aren't all that different. Babies like to he held, sung and read to. They can be dressed in a variety of clothes that highlight their personality instead of their sex!

Have fun with it!

Last one for today you guys! Everyone's seen a t.v. show where the woman's labor begins with her water breaking! Water bursting down her legs cues chaos! We can thank the media for that warped perception. Many more labors begin with contractions of the uterus than with the membranes rupturing.

As you near your 38th week of pregnancy shock your partner, friend, or even your neighbor by pulling off the ultimate "my water broke" prank! Pics or it didn't happen. Extra points if you do it in public! Love you forever if you get a video of it and share it with all of us! Pack an extra pair of panties, a small water balloon and keep it hidden. How? I don't know, this is your prank use your imagination. A safety pin might be helpful to pop it! Details on how you pull off the, "my water broke" prank is 100% your homework assignment! When you stop laughing you can let them in on your secret. Not the fact that you laughed so hard you actually peed your pants secret, the water balloon secret! Sshhhh...

loads of fun while pregnant jax fl

I have one more for you. Really this is the last one. This one is for all of you ladies who are getting text messages, private messages, and phone calls from well-meaning, P.I.T.A. family and friends who want to know, "Have you had that baby yet?" One night when you wake up for the one-hundredth time to pee, send them a picture of a random newborn from google. Them turn off your phone and laugh yourself back to bed. Or send them this link to check in on you !

We hope this blog broke up the monotony of your day, gave you a great laugh, and helps you have loads of fun while pregnant! Happy Birth & Parenting ~Elizabeth

loads of fun while pregnant | jax fl childbirth class
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