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Get Labor Started Naturally

Updated: May 6

Get Labor Started Naturally

"How can I get my labor started naturally?" That is one question that gets asked a lot! Do you want to know the one sure fire way to get labor started naturally? I'll share it with you, but first, let's take a look at the most common reasons people say they want to get labor started naturally.

End of Pregnancy Discomfort

Growing a tiny human is no small task. It's basically a superpower! By the end of pregnancy, you are just downright uncomfortable. "I'm so ready to be done," is a common expression said by pregnant people! Let's face it; being pregnant is a lot of work. Your ligaments are stretching and you might be swelling in places you never knew could swell. Some women experience lower back pain, hip discomfort and lack of sleep and fatigue are very common. Lord, the lack of sleep is enough to make anyone go crazy!

Excitement and Anticipation

You've bought baby gear, picked out a name, and hired a Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist. The nursery is ready, you've put in your time for maternity leave, and have your bag packed. What else could you do?

How about doing something for YOU! One idea would be to see a movie with your partner, friend, or by yourself; after all, it may be a hot minute before you get reacquainted with “me time”! Prenatal massage is something that can be very beneficial for both you and for your baby. Relaxing is a positive and effective way to welcome a peaceful birth and your baby.

If you've done a google search or checked in with your friends you've probably heard of some of these things that are commonly believed to help get labor started naturally:

  1. Walking

  2. Eating dates or pineapple

  3. Castor Oil

  4. Evening Primrose Oil

  5. Acupuncture

  6. Acupressure

  7. Spicy Foods

  8. Massage

  9. Curb Walking

  10. Nipple Stimulation

Then there's sex

The possible effects of sex on labor are twofold. It can be relaxing, fun, and intimate. Cue the oxytocin flow! Having an orgasm can cause the uterus to contract as well, possibly enough to get labor going. The other piece to this sex and labor puzzle is semen. The prostaglandins in semen will help to ripen the cervix and possibly trigger labor. So, if you have a male sex partner, aren't on pelvic rest, and you want to have sex, enjoy!!

Alright, I know you are waiting to know the one sure fire way to get labor started naturally!

Here's a hint: it flies, but doesn't have wings...

You guessed it, time! Majority of women, when left alone will go into labor on their own by 41 weeks 3 days gestation. Now, that doesn't mean you or even your provider will be o.k. with this timeline. Babies don't come with a "ready to be born by" date.  New ACOG recommendations now say that full term is considered 39 weeks and 0 days through 40 weeks and 6 days.

Childbirth is not a one size fits all and will likely have more to do with your unique situation.

Just as you have the right to sign up for an induction because your baby has reached their due date and you're D.O.N.E.- done, you also have the right to decline induction. Since you are the one outfitted with this tiny human inhabitant you reserve said rights. You have the right to request more information and time if there's no medical reason for induction.

You can speak with your provider about your Bishop score if you're considering an induction before you feel ready.

Think of your Bishop Score as "induction math". If there were ever a way to get close to knowing when you'll go into labor your Bishop Score would get you as close to having the answer to the million dollar question as possible! You're given a score for several factors and that score tells you how likely an induction would end in a vaginal birth. We talk about the Bishop Score and induction methods in detail in our childbirth classes and in during private consults when this is a topic clients wish to discuss.

I encourage you to think about why you want to get labor started naturally.

Our efforts are not to deter you or sway you either way. We want to you understand all of your options and encourage you to speak with your provider about different induction methods available to you, both medical and "natural" should you choose to go that route. Understanding the reasons your provider might suggest a medical induction and knowing your rights can be extremely beneficial and help you avoid feeling coerced or pushed and may make you feel more satisfied with your birth experience overall.

Open Communication is Key

Thinking over this in advance may help you, your partner, and your provider formulate a game plan. Open, honest dialogue with your provider in pregnancy is important and will aid in decision making and serve you well in labor! The Jax Baby Company is here every step of the way, we know how incredibly difficult the final weeks of pregnancy can be, but soon you'll be holding your sweet baby in your arms and this will all be just a memory.

Here's a great resource for you at SpinningBabies about inductions if you would like to read more.

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