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Local Musician, Aaron DeCicco's Shares About Breastfeeding

Updated: May 6

Elizabeth sat down with Aaron DeCicco as she shares about breastfeeding. Aaron is a professional musician and music director in Northeast Florida. She can be seen behind the piano and guitar at theaters, bars, museums, and outdoor festivals. Her music is as beautiful as she is, be sure to check out her music after the interview, there's a link at the bottom of this page!

FC Doulas opened the interview asking Aaron, why she wanted to breastfeed? Aaron- I wanted to breastfeed because it was a tradition with many women in my family, and because I knew of the countless benefits it would provide our baby. FC Doulas~ Before trying to breastfeed did you think it would be easy or hard to breastfeed? Did you expect challenges? Aaron~ I knew it wasn't always an easy process, but I was willing to give it a go! FC Doulas~ What challenges did you face? Aaron~ Kat lost 13% of her birth weight while in the hospital, and they suggested that we supplement with formula since my emergency c-section was making the milk take a little longer to make its arrival. We did--but I only gave her maybe 20cc's because my milk came in soon after. I'm very lucky to have not suffered any mastitis or clogs and my supply regulated pretty well, so much so that I can pump here and there for a bottle or a few if we need to leave baby girl with grandma or grandpa. FC Doulas wrapped up the interview asking Aaron what she wants other moms to know about breastfeeding? Aaron~It's been such an incredible experience of bonding and closeness. Baby girl is eating food and drinking goat's and cow's milk here and there in preparation for her first birthday and the grand transition, but I think I will continue to nurse her in the mornings and at night before bed for as long as she wants. There is no doubt in my mind that after this interview that Aaron is a strong, confident mother to her sweet baby girl. Great job Aaron! Visit to check out Aaron's work!

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