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Keira's Story; The Pleasure of Pumping

Updated: May 6

Keira a thirty year old married mom of two. She's a six year old son and a six month baby boy. She is currently a stay-at-home mom working on establishing her own knitting business. Keira shared openly about pumping milk for her son and we felt it very important for her voice to be heard. Pumping doesn't have to be a bad thing. There are so many ways for mothers to feed their babies and we want to make sure we highlight all of them. This is World Breastfeeding Week, so in honor of that we are highlighting several breastfeeding stories that local mothers have shared with us. Be sure to check out all of the stories featured.

FC Doulas- What would you like to share with me and ultimately the world, about your journey?

Keira- I think that breastfeeding means something different to everyone. For me it is a way to provide for my child in a way no one else can. With my first son I did not produce enough milk and there wasn't much information readily available regarding breastfeeding and no familia experience to go off of. It was sad, but I bucked up and went the formula route.

The second time around it was so very important to me so I began researching ways to increase my milk supply while pregnant. I ordered brewer's yeast to make lactation cookies that became my saving grace!

Breastfeeding was a go until... (dun dun dun) Luke wouldn't stay on the breast. I already pumped in between nursing sessions so I was able, although reluctant, to bottle feed. At his two month appointment his pediatrician said his cheek muscles weren't strong enough to suck from my nipple.

When I began exclusively pumping I fell in love with it. I could schedule better and to be honest it was way more comfortable. My nipples were so sore because Luke couldn't nurse properly.

FC Doulas- Explain how your husband helped you during this time?

Keira- My husband would take baby duty while I set up shop: double pump and knitting needles in hand. By four months our freezer was overflowing with bags of milk!

FC Doulas- How long did you pump for?

Keira- I just recently stopped pumping after a severe dip in milk supply after a busy vacation. I was pleased that Luke got a good six months of breast milk.

FC Doulas- What do you want other mothers to know?

Keira- Providing for my child in this way was amazing, even if it was poured into a bottle. I encourage any moms out there to not discount having to exclusively pump. It's hard work but so very rewarding!

Keira, armed with a pump and determination successfully fed her baby the best way she knew how, she found the pleasure of pumping, way to go Keira, you are a great mom!

Check out Keira's knitting business on facebook and follower her on Instagram

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