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April Overcame Her Breastfeeding Challenges

Updated: May 6

Elizabeth sat down with April Langham as she shared her thoughts and personal experience breastfeeding. April is a happily married mother to seventeen month old son She experienced trials and tribulations, but her determination crushed them both! April is an overcomer! JBC~ Can you tell us why you wanted to breastfeed? April- Well, I was never really around many who breastfed. So it was a choice solely made on my own. I am in my mid-thirties and know how certain foods can harm your body, especially dairy. I know that formula is based on cow’s milk or soy, full of sugars, etc. None of which I wanted in my child's body. So, when I got pregnant, feeding formula to my son just didn't compute to me. JBC~ Before trying to breastfeed did you think it would be easy or hard to breastfeed? April- I thought it would’ve been easy!!!! It looks easy in the movies, in public, on YouTube! And not a single person told me it could be hard. So, I thought my son would just latch on. Boy was I wrong! JBC~ Did you expect breastfeeding challenges? April- I did not expect challenges except with nursing in public. But I have had not a single person say anything to me about it! JBC~ What challenges did you face? April- I had to have an "emergency" cesarean section. I was given pain medication for my spinal block. My son was very sleepy for the first few days. It was hard to keep him awake to feed. I also have very flat nipples and horrible lactation consultants. I ended up using a nipple shield for the first 5 months. JBC~ How did you overcome those challenges? April- I overcame my challenges with my determination to give my son the best chance at life I could. No matter what I had to go through. Also researching all that I could helped me TONS! April and I wrapped up the interview with this last Q&A; JBC~ What do you want other moms to know about breastfeeding? April- It's hard! It consumes your entire life! It hurts! It's weird! But it will be the most amazing thing you've ever done in your life. You are making life in your body for your child. The most selfless gift you can give. Research all you can and never feel ashamed to ask for help!

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