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Your First Dump After Birth

Taking Your First Dump After Birth jacksonville postpartum

Your First Dump After Birth Hold onto your mesh postpartum panties, "Your First Dump After Birth" isn't going where you think it is! The majority of women who've given birth have some reservations about the possibility of tearing open their vagina or cesarean incision with that first post-birth bowel movement. That's another blog for another day! Today we'll focus on the hormonal changes that happen after giving birth; the hormonal dump! Just as hormones change from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy so too do the hormones from pregnancy into the postpartum period. Birth brings with it a multitude of feelings. Some of which are the highest of all highs and other’s are the lowest of all lows. Taking your first dump after birth is no joke! It's pretty common for those closest to the mom to recognize her hormones are shifting. This can also be recognizable to the birth mother herself, either directly or indirectly. From tears out of nowhere to partial or complete numbness, there's a wide range of feelings. I've even heard moms say things like, I don't know what I feel, but it's strange.

There’s no way to be 100% sure that any person will or will not experience some type of postpartum mood issues. However, there is some evidence that shows there's an increased risk for developing postpartum troubles for those who've had depression, OCD, anxiety, or any type of mood disorders before becoming pregnant or after the birth of a previous baby. The real kicker is that those who have never experienced any issues can still experience trouble after giving birth. There's one thing for sure, even the happiest postpartum presents with its own challenges. Women can experience at minimum weepy moments and baby blues. At worst women experience postpartum depression, PTSD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, and postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Ask anyone whose ever experienced hormonal imbalances or trouble after birth, and they'll tell you, it's intense stuff! First Coast Doulas knows that mothers can experience feelings of bliss, joy, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, and sadness. Moms can be laughing one minute and crying the next. They may also feel overwhelmed or experience loss of appetite, have a hard time bonding with their baby, feel guilty or inadequate. They can have irrational fears and visions as well.

Experiencing any or all of these is not a character flaw or weakness! Postpartum & Infant Doulas are a great way to help support Postpartum Doulas can’t diagnose or treat any illness, but we are trained to recognize early and even late signs of postpartum troubles. We can help you find professional help when you are ready to seek it!

#1 Combat & Ease Discomforts Of the Hormonal Dump with Placenta Encapsulation Yep, many women who consume their placenta report overall feelings of well-being! “YUCK” you say. Don’t knock it till you try it I say! First Coast Doulas provides the safest, personalized service and support in and around Jacksonville Florida. They also report-

  1. having more energy

  2. feeling happier

  3. increased breastmilk production

  4. faster healing with minimal pain

  5. warding off feelings of postpartum depression Another thing almost all women share with us is that they notice when they forget to take their capsules and their significant others seem to notice as well. Many refer to them as their happy pills!

Combat and ease the discomforts of the hormone dump after birth by hiring a professional postpartum & infant doula. A doula for after birth is the ticket to your happiest postpartum possible! I say that with confidence! With all the buildup and prep work for birth most of the time the unique challenges of the postpartum time period is forgotten. In our country we're expected to bounce back after birth. We (as in the USA in it's entirty) just doesn't put a lot of value on the mother-baby-family connection. Neglecting to plan for the fourth trimester and nurture and care for oursleves can cause undue stress and regret to new families. First Coast Doulas recognizes the need for support during this critical time. Families hiring First Coast Doulas have help recovering after birth, are cared for as they learn and bond with their newborns, and get more rest and sleep. Likewise those who want to get back to living the lifestyle they love have that support too.

  1. showering daily (don’t laugh if you don’t have a baby yet the struggle is real)

  2. being able to rehash their birth story free from judgement or criticism

  3. more time for self-care like massage, manicures, and pedicures

  4. date nights or ladies nights more frequently

  5. 1 on 1 breastfeeding and formula feeding support

  6. enjoying snacks and meals prepped

  7. enjoy outings with support and encouragement

  8. being connected to someone who is in the know within the community

  9. having the newest information on products and guidelines Ladies, and gentlemen I say to you, don’t neglect to plan for your best postpartum possible! It’s as unique and beautiful as your baby! After all it’s the time when you will actually have your baby here to hold, caress, and start your life together!

Why not make it your best postpartum possible? Get in touch today!

The hormonal dump your body takes after childbirth is normal. The degree to which you experience it and the rate at which you bounce back can vary. It may or may not effect the way you care for yourself and your baby. The only one that can evaluate you and confirm with you if what you’re experiencing is normal is your healthcare provider, but there is really great news for you and your loved ones! There are two ways you can help to prepare for, ease the discomfort, and combat against the hormonal dump your body takes after birth!

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