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When You're Expecting Your Second Baby

When You're Expecting Your Second Baby

When You're Expecting Your Second Baby When you're expecting your second baby things can feel different. You've done this before. It's familiar in a sense and it feels foreign and new again at the same time. You're wanting to welcome this baby in a unique and loving way. Even if you have most of what you need for the baby it would be nice to have some of what you want and do some things differently this time around!

But what and how? Many families already have the necessities for their baby and they are hoping to avoid the extras, especially with two or more kids to care for. Instead of a baby shower they're opting for smaller gatherings like a baby sprinkle followed by a sip and see after their baby is born.  In effort to simplify and enjoy life more parents are moving away from all the extra things and embracing meaningful experiences.

Experiences that will impact your family for years to come! One experience parents are excited to take part in, especially with their first or second baby is an excellent quality childbirth class. They either want to know what to expect or they know they need more this time around. Sound familiar at all? Theses classes should answer your most important questions, teach you and your birth partner ways to manage discomfort, and help you navigate the unexpected curveballs that birth inevitably brings. In the end you'll feel more prepared overall! Another experience that parents (especially wise second time parents) are investing in is their postpartum experience. Postpartum and infant doulas have been around for years, but are just finally becoming more mainstream in America. These doulas come to your home and help your family at the ground level. We see to it that new parents are getting nurtitious meals and snacks while their baby or babys are also getting fed. Postpartum & infant doulas help you understand your infant's cues and show you different feeding and soothing techniques. Doulas help families by helping them work through their options and support their choices for their families. They can also help with older siblings, catching up the dishes, and we help them get much needed sleep! Sleep and meals are the most requested! We help you focus on what matters the most; your recovery, your family, and a smoother transition! If you're a expectant parent or you know some expectant parents and you want to gift them something that will fill their hearts and not clutter their homes, but will be a beautiful experience that they'll remember forever, consider purchasing a class to help them prepare or doula support for after they give birth.

First Coast Doulas loves teaching parents and supporting them as they grow in their new role. When you're expecting your second baby we are just as excited! With each new addition the dynamics of the family change. We know it's a beautiful and extremely challenging time for each person and we love providing support to the families with whom we work! Gift certificates from First Coast Doulas are a beautiful way to say we love you, we celebrate the new life you are bringing in, and we want you to have the best possible experience!

Contact us today and let's start planning!

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