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What are new parents thankful for? The Necessities!

Updated: May 7

What are new parents thankful for? The Necessities of course! As Thanksgiving nears, everybody and their mother begins detailing all the things for which they are thankful.  It's great to show gratitude-so much so, that we've put together a little list answering the question, "what are new parents thankful for?", you know, besides the obvious...the baby. So here goes...

  1. Pinterest-for all those cute household projects, photo op ideas, and crafts that you're never gonna do OR that you'll do all in one day out of sheer boredom.

  2. Instagram-for the millions of photos that you NEED to take of your baby making the same squishy face all day.  Just one slight move of his jaw and this new angle calls for visual documentation immediately. Snap! Snap!

  3. Netflix-because a binge on the newest season of  "This Is Us" or "Stranger Things" is top priority while you're relegated mostly to your house.

  4. Junk food-Yes, junk food! You've spent the entire nine months of your pregnancy being your own diet vigilante.  Now you must have some cinnamon pita chips and a Pepsi...

  5. Bathroom breaks-and locks too. This may be a hindsight thing, actually. As soon as your tot walks and follows you *everywhere* like an extra, vestigial appendage, you'll fondly look back to the days of solo trips to the toilet. Then again, it isn't necessarily enjoyable when you have to bring the baby and the bouncer...

  6. Sleep-do I need to explain? After all quality sleep is a key component of good mental and physical health.

  7. Coffee. You know that's right! While quality sleep is key, that wonderful bean full of caffeinated goodness might be solely responsible for your continued existence!

So, there you have it! Give thanks and give it freely.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Need help getting that beauty sleep? Contact us today! Where's the creamer???

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