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Stupid Things People Say About Breastfeeding

Updated: May 8

Stupid Things People Say About Breastfeeding | Jax, FL Breastfeeding | World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Stupid Things People Say About Breastfeeding If you've been around women who are feeding babies you've probably heard some of the stupid things people say about breastfeeding. Maybe you've even believed some of the stupid things people say about breastfeeding or have given someone the side-eye silently calling bullshit to their well-meaning inaccurate advice. Some of the stupid things people say about breastfeeding has probably been past down from generation to generation along with those old wives tales about pregnancy. I'm sure these myths won't soon die, but at least the cool kids who read our blog will appreciate our efforts to slay the beast!

Stay tuned for our beautiful V-I-D-E-O tribute to breastfeeding!

"There's no nutritional value to breast milk after two months." Mind blown, where do they come up with this stuff?!

Myth #1 You can't eat spicy things like Mexican foods.

Of course, you can't eat Mexican foods. After all, what would Mexicans eat while breastfeeding? Contrary to what some people believe there are no foods you should avoid simply because you're breastfeeding. Majority of the time it's recommended that breastfeeding moms continue to enjoy eating whatever foods she likes unless the baby has an obvious and serious reaction to the food. So, nevermind what people say about spicy food. Carry on with eating your jalapeno pretzels and enjoy your taco Tuesdays! Myth busted!

"You can't let her use you as a pacifier." Um...Yes! Yes I can!

Myth #2 You can never give your breastfed baby a bottle or else... Or else what? The myth goes like this. If you give your breastfed baby a bottle they'll get confused and prefer a bottle nipple over your nipple.  So basically you'll be tied down for-e-ver! Yes because all kids head off to kindergarten equipped with a backpack and a breast in their mouths. Most babies can absolutely do both bottle and breast and switch back and forth without any issues. Myth busted!

"Isn’t she a little too old to still be nursing?" Let's see, she is nursing, therefore, it is entirely possible that she is not "a little too old" to be nursing!

Myth #3 You shouldn't breastfeed your baby if you're sick. Oh em wow! Not true! This one might just take the cake for stupid things people say about breastfeeding. When you become sick there's a good chance that you were contagious before you began showing symptoms, if you're contagious. That means your baby was already exposed. With very few exceptions, you should not only continue to breastfeed, but increase the frequency and or duration if desired by you and your baby. Doing so can actually help protect your baby.  In fact, breastmilk is your baby's best defense against infection and can actually help to shorten the illness if your baby gets it. Here's a little more information about  Breastfeeding and Medications and Breastfeeding and Illness). Myth busted!

"If you just nurse for comfort he will be whiny and dependent on you forever!"

Myth #4 Your sex life will be non-existent. Trying telling this whopper to all the moms out there who tandem nurse or nurse their babies back to back! "You can't feed your baby with those and then roll over and expect your husband to want to have sex with you. I mean that's just...gross" "Logistically how would that even work?" I've heard it all and all I have to say WTAF, this is baffling to me?! Do you mean to tell me that your sex life is based solely on breasts? I can't even. I get it, boobs are one facet of your sex life. Well, guess what just like vaginas bleed, breasts make milk. I'll leave it at that. Myth busted! Another myth I won't get into is that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding. It's entirely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding! Yes, even when you do not have a period each month!

"Does your husband approve?" Um....what year is this again?

Myth #5 If your breasts don't feel full your baby isn't getting enough milk. In the early weeks as a woman's supply is regulating it is common for her breasts to feel full, heavy, "rock-hard" as some describe it, and sore at times. Beyond those first few weeks though, once the milk supply is well established it's normal for a woman's breasts to feel mostly soft. Unless there's a long stretch of several hours without breastfeeding or pumping.  Pumping is also not always (or even in most cases) a good indicator or milk production. If you're feeding your baby regularly, your baby is having enough diapers and is gaining weight you're likely making enough milk for your baby. If you're unsure I urge you to contact an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), they are the very best professionals to teach you and advise you about breastfeeding. Myth busted!

"I avoid making eye contact with others while nursing her. I focus only on my baby because I am nervous I'll get looks of judgment."

The stupid things people say about breastfeeding isn't usually said to cause harm. Many people genuinely don't know a lot of facts about breastfeeding since our culture hasn't been submerged in it and we aren't taught in school either. We've come a long way though! Bad breastfeeding advice is like an unintentional game of telephone. One person hears something about breastfeeding and they tell a friend because it's important information to have and so on and so forth down the line. The only problem is that part of the information passed down is wrong, perhaps a vital piece of the puzzle.

"You really should cover up while "doing that"!" How about you eat every meal under a blanket in Florida and see how stupid it feels and hot it gets!" Don't let the stupid things people say about breastfeeding get you down and don't be the one saying stupid things about breastfeeding! Breastfeeding is a human right, an individual choice made by the parents. There are laws to help protect the rights of breastfeeding! The fight for breastfeeding rights continues every day in this country! For facts about breastfeeding the best place to go is a reputable IBCLC. You can also check A very special thank you to all the incredible moms who shared their words, their wisdom, and to those who shared their self-submitted photos. A big shout out to Alicia Rae Dawson: Bold and Bashful Photography for collaborating with me on this project! You can contact Alicia Rae Dawson directly for information on memorable photo sessions!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


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