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Make The Most of Your Time With Your Newborn

Make The Most of Your Time With Your Newborn | Nanny Jax FL

Make The Most of Your Time With Your Newborn Will you make the most of your time with your newborn? When you become pregnant you know that around 40 weeks give or take you'll give birth to a baby. You hope that above all else you and your baby are healthy. You've thought about what you want your birth to be like and you've created a plan outlining those things. Day dreaming about about life with your baby seems to happen more and more often these days!

Have you considered though how to plan for your postpartum period? I mean really considered what you want your life to look like after giving birth to your baby, or even a surrogate baby? From the first few hours home into the wee hours of the morning and everything in between? From those earliest appointments to shopping, cooking, and sleep, recovery, and bonding?

Does your vision and goals align with your plan?

Are you being realistic in your expectations? What would you say if I told you that there are friendly professional out there who have special skills and training to help you plan for the period of time after you give birth and bring your baby home, or either of those?  These professional support people are called Postpartum & Infant Doulas and we're experts in helping you plan and execute your plans! Yes, we really do exist! Is your interest piqued?

Much like a birth doula should support your ideas and choices for birth our Postpartum & Infant Doulas supported your goals for your family!

First Coast Doulas Postpartum & Infant Doulas are for families who:

  1. want or need to breastfeed....or bottle feed!

  2. have had a cesarean birth....or vaginal!

  3. have decided on authoritarian style parenting...or attachment parenting!

  4. wish to use a bottle at night...or not at all!

  5. are having their first baby...or fourth!

  6. are raising birth children and adopted children...and for those who were surrogates!

  7. want to feel supported, cared for, and validated (I think we all fit that description)!

First Coast Doulas provides seamless support from the hospital home and into well into the first year or more of life! She understand your unique desires for your birth and knows how to help ease the transition from pregnancy to postpartum with compassion, grace and laughter. You and your partner are comfortable. You dig her open-minded, fully supportive, agenda-free approach to birth and parenting.

You hire your Doula and plan to make the most of your birth and postpartum. Every birth and postpartum looks different, even multiple births to the same mother will be different, it's true. We don't know what your story and journey will be like, but we know how to help you and your partner navigate, smile, and make the absolute best of it.  With First Coast Doulas you're not just getting Doulas who are passionate, compassionate, and know their stuff, you're getting an experience that will last you and your family a lifetime!

Contact us today and make the most of your birth and postpartum experience!

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