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How to Sleep with A Newborn

Updated: May 8

how to sleep with a newborn jacksonville florida

How to Sleep with A Newborn; We Have A Package for That! Life with a newborn can be crazy, beautiful, and oh so exhausting. Someone I know, Chelsea, once said, "I made it by on long blinks! Just kidding" It's incredible how very little sleep the human body can operate on, but that's no way to operate effectively! Parents need rest to feel their best and to be able to function with a clear head.

Sleep and babies aren't always something that goes hand in hand. Many families think sleep, rest, and relaxation are things they have to sacrifice completely until their babies are much older. That is one option, I guess. Another option is to take shifts with each other. Whether you're the parent heading to work or not, it takes two to make a baby! One parent shouldn't be the one sacrificing all the sleep. After all, children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work!

Calling in the reinforcement of grandparents! Ya gotta love grandparents! I know we sure do! There are times though that parents have reservations. Maybe you or your parents of the mindset that being a grandparent should be fun, random, and not come with lots of obligations of babysitting. Many of the parents we talk to say their parents are clueless as to what "wearing a baby" means or what changing baby diapers consists of today. They also worry grandma or grandpa won't know what to do since it's been so long. What if they get tired? Will they respect our choices? Follow safe sleep recommendations and follow our feeding routine?

We get it! What if I told you there's a way to better prepare grandparents and include them rather than exclude them!? The Jax Baby Company has a class dedicated to helping grandparents stay up to date with modern approaches, science, and the array of parenting styles of today!

Not really feeling the grandparent on duty vibe? Cool! That's why we offer sleep shifts gift certificates. Created by parents, for new parents with a healthy balance in mind. Grandparents and friends alike love giving the gift of sleep! Giving the gift of sleep leads to happier parents, healthier marriages, and babies who are well cared for.

So, the next time you or someone you know is trying to figure out how to sleep with a newborn, remember The Jax Baby Company has a class and gift certificates for that!

Have the best of it all; your baby, your rest, and your sanity!! Contact us and let's talk about the option that might work best for you and your family!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


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