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How To Keep Your House Clean With Kids

Updated: May 6

How To Keep Your House Clean With Kids It's the question majority of moms at some point in time want the answer to; how in the world do you keep your house clean with kids? I mean, without staying up all hours of the night or hiring a full time housekeeper?

My answer to that question is I don't!

Hey, it's true, don't judge me! It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that truly need to be done in just one day. Between dressing yourself and kids, feeding them, eating meals or at least snacks, diaper changes, playing, preparing meals, dishes, getting yourself and your kiddos a shower, brushing everyone's teeth, walking the dog, and searching for your cell phone, how much do you really expect to be able to clean or handle when your kids are little? Add to those everyday things the other stuff like appointments, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, changing sheets, grocery shopping and  searching for your oldest child's favorite blanket and you would likely need super human powers and several extra hours in the day to accomplish all of that, I know I sure would! Well, if you are like me and so many other moms you probably put a lot of expectations on yourself because those things are all things you really want to get done and you see them as important. That's normal and certainly ok if you can get it all done, but it's also o.k. to know it doesn't always have to get done all the time, it really doesn't. What I try to do is work to contain the mess to one of two rooms in the house so there is some space that is well-love and lived in while there are others that say, "hey an actually person lives here!" I do the best I can without sacrificing the relationships in my life. It's a balance for sure.

You are more than the house you keep! You are more than the floor that didn't get vacuumed and the couch that has a pile of laundry on it. You are more than the makeup you didn't put on or closet that didn't get organized.

You are a mom. While being a mom isn't a job that is glamorous, it is the most important job you'll ever have! You're laying a foundation for the life of another human being. Being your child's source or love, nourishment, comfort, and guidance is a huge deal! You are your child's first teacher, their protector, their role model, and their very first love!

Being a mom is about as important as it gets! Being a housekeeper takes a back seat to having children that are happy, who feel loved, understood, important, and special. For me, watching our children grow has been the most valuable and meaningful part of my life this far. There has been nothing in the last thirty-six years of my life that has brought me as much joy as being part of my children's lives. Our oldest is now nineteen years old, and our youngest is now six years old and I can say confidently and without any regret that I have NEVER once looked back and wished I would have spent more time cleaning, organizing, or keeping up with the appearance of our home, not one single time.

What I have looked back and thought about is how fast the time has flown. How many times I could have said no to everything else and just sat on the floor and played dinosaurs, Barbies, and raced cars. The rate at which time flies is simply amazing to me. So, to all the moms and dads out there I say this. Hold your babies, stop and listen, take time to play, explore the little things your kids find wonder in. A very wise woman once told me that a spotless home is a sign of a wasted life! I love a clean home just as much as the next person, oh, o.k. maybe not quite as much as some, but I do feel so much more relaxed in a clean, well-kept house. However, I find peace within myself knowing that as time goes by and my kids grow I have spent more of my time doing the most important thing and that is investing in my children.

We all struggle with finding balance at times.I am putting out a challenge to all our readers and that is this; I challenge you this week to purpose towards spending more time with the ones you love and letting the rest wait! Say yes when you wanted to say no. Laugh instead of yelling! Hug instead of hurrying! Play instead of clean! We want to hear from you, go to our facebook page a comment on the post with this blog in it, let us know something about your week, what you gave up, what you did, how you felt!

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