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"Help, My Baby Won't Sleep!"

Updated: May 8

baby won't sleep Jax FL | Sleep training Jax, FL

"Help, My Baby Won't Sleep!"

You've googled, "I need help, my baby won't sleep"! You've hit up your go-to mommy group for best sleep tips, and you put to the test your most awesome plan. Yet here you are, still baffled by your tiny night-time boss-baby. The cutest boss-baby who ever existed, but a dictator non-the-less. The majority of couples struggle with lack of sleep after they welcome a baby into their lives. Some studies have shown that a mother’s workload increases by 21 hours after a baby is born, compared to the dad’s increase of just 12.5 hours. We believe though that the science supports both parents are likely sleep deprived. We get calls regularly from exhausted parents who say their baby won't sleep! It just goes without saying, a baby means less sleep, right?! The short answer is yes, but the long answer is yes and no! Newborns babies don't sleep for long periods, their natural sleep cycle is about 45 minutes long, therefore there will be some lost sleep, yes. Do you have to suffer through feeling like a mombie until your baby decides she'll sleep through the night? Absolutely not! "You hear about those poor babies being locked in hot cars and left for hours. I  wondered if those were as tired as we were. I couldn't imagine. I contacted The Jax Baby Company and they provided a solution to our family's sleep nightmare." ~Donna Delaney

There's another option for parents in the Greater Jacksonville area who need sleep, but whose babies won't stand for it!

Parents all over the country are turning to professional baby sleep coaches to help save their sanity! When it comes to healthy sleep practices The Jax Baby Company solves the sleep deprivation issue many new parents face here on the First Coast. From birth to 3 or 4 months old, positive sleep associations and practices are what The Jax Baby Company recommends. By about 3 months old most healthy full-term babies are ready to begin sleeping longer periods with reasonable expectations as well as guidance and structure from parents and caregivers. From 3-6 months old, sleep shaping is considered age-appropriate practice by our team. It's usually "better" to wait until 6-12 months of age to sleep train . It can vary depending on a number of factors involving baby, parents, and caregivers. It's also a really good idea to get the okay from your pediatrician.

Finding the right formula for your baby is key!

The Jax Baby Company helps parents figure out why their babies won't sleep and create and implement a plan. We conduct a thorough intake call to learn more about your baby's habits and sleep associations. Then we come and train your baby for you and provide you with a customized plan after that! We even check in on you as we hold your hand through the process!

Here are 3 common issues we see families struggle with:

  1. waking several times during the night and not settling without help

  2. waking up too early in the morning time

  3. not enough naps or for long enough durations

3 ways The Jax Baby Company helps parents get more sleep:

  1. one-on-one infant care through the night

  2. sleep shaping for young infants

  3. sleep training for older infants

3 things that won't help your baby sleep longer or better and are dangerous per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics):

  1. giving cereal in a bottle or feeding cereal before 4 months of age

  2. putting the baby down to sleep on their tummy

  3. allowing baby to sleep in anywhere other than the crib, bassinet, portable crib, or play yard that meets the safety standards (rock and plays and car seats are a big no-no)

3 reasons you'll love The Jax Baby Company's dream team:

  1. you'll get to discover what a great night's sleep feels like

  2. you will be teaching your baby a HUGE life skill; sleep

  3. we have a professional, friendly team ready to support you

If your baby won't sleep you don't have to swallow that pill and you don't have to daydream about sleep, give us a call!

Better sleep means a better quality of life!

Whether you're ready to jump on the sleep train, you want to gently encourage good sleep habits from the start, or you just want your baby to be pampered through the night so you can sleep to your heart's content we have you covered!

Happy Birth, Parenting, and Sleep, Duh!

~Elizabeth Luke

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