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Going to Work Just for the Fun of It | Part 1

Updated: May 8

going to work just for the fun of it, Jax, FL

Doesn't the thought of going to work just for the fun of it sound amazing!?! Do you love gambling with your house, car, family, or your future? Think about it, the possibility of getting paid well or receiving no paycheck at all since you love your job, every day is a new gamble! You win some you lose some! Sound like a great business model right? How do you think it will help you create sustainability? How cool would it be if you could call the electric company and say, “I love my job so much that I couldn’t set a wage for myself to ensure I'd be able to pay my bills this month, maybe next week I’ll have it, I’m sorry”, and all was right in the world!

Yeah, not happening! This blog may seem...weird or out of place! It's not, I promise. It's important that we discuss this issue because it's a real problem and we need to keep it at the forefront if we want to see change happen in our lifetime. If we want to leave birth work better than we found it we have to talk about the awkward right along with the comforting matters! Please, stay with me, read Part 2.

It offers perspective and tells you exactly what that 12-hour language is all about in our contract! Have you had a job that you were excited about going to today, every day?!? Remember the saying, "Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life"? Well, that’s a load of garbage. Work is work, whether you love it or not, it’s still challenging at some point, you're still called away from those you love and other things you enjoy. It's a safe bet to say that the majority of people want to be paid for the time they are working! Without stability, you can’t have longevity! The 12-hour language that’s being used more and more in doula business contracts helps a person create stability for their business. Without stability this profession would suffer, great doulas burn out. Do we really want something as intimate and as life-changing as birth to suffer? I know I sure don’t! Women who are working deserve not only to be paid a wage that helps them survive, but also helps their families survive, and families all over the world thrive, their own family included!

Why should doulas be excluded from this? They shouldn't!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Going to Work Just for the Fun of It

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