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Finding the Perfect Nanny or Caregiver for Your Family | 30+ Questions to Ask

Updated: May 5

Finding the Perfect Nanny or Caregiver for Your Family | 30+ Questions to Ask

Finding the perfect nanny or caregiver for your family can feel overwhelming and even a little scary. Using up what's left of your tired mom-brain cells to seek out trustworthy, dependable, and loving care for your children is Crazytown, USA. WE KNOW! That's why we wrote this just for you!

We love working with families, it's kind of our thing! So, naturally, we get asked to help with the vetting process for nannies and caregivers.

Whether you're heading back to work full-time or part-time, looking for a regular date-night sitter, an extra set of hands around the house, or want a nanny or caregiver who will travel with you on vacation we've got you covered! Our team has put together a list of questions and a few helpful tips to make the search a little less stressful. As with everything we offer, take what you need, leave the rest!

30+ Questions to Ask

  1. Are you currently pediatric CPR and first aid certified? If so, can you show me proof? Did they certify online or learn these skills in-person, hands-on?

  2. What do you know about safe sleep recommendations for infants/toddlers?

  3. Will you sign giving us permission to run a background check? I suggest running your own check BEFORE hiring them as a caregiver! A background check rarely shows everything, but a good background check will typically cover more and cost you about $200- $325.

  4. Do you have a current driver's license? How's your driving record? Have you had any accidents or tickets? If so, please explain. Most people have something on their driving record if they've been driving for a while. This question is less about the citation (unless it's a DUI or something else major) and should help you see how the person responds to discussing a minor traffic citation or ticket. Do they own it? Do they blame-shift?

  5. Do you have your own transportation?

  6. Are you well-versed in carseat safety? Can you show me what you know? (look up Car Seats for the Littles and become very familiar with current safety recs)

  7. How would you keep my child safe while at home? How about while out?

  8. What are your strongest qualities?

  9. Do you smoke, vape, drink or use any drugs? If yes, how often and what? OMG, I can't believe we have to ask this kinda shit, but we do!

  10. What are some of your goals for this year? Where do you see yourself in five years?

  11. Do you have a recommendation for an excellent baby camera or?

  12. What does confidentiality mean to you? Would you be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?

  13. What websites do you find most reliable when it comes to infant health and development? The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are reliable, science-based resources.

  14. What's your stance on vaccines?

  15. Are you current on dTap, Covid-19, and the flu vaccines?

  16. Would you provide care to a child if they are sick?

  17. What was the longest time frame you worked with a family?

  18. May we contact previous families you've worked with?

  19. What activities would do with my baby?

  20. Are you familiar with baby-wearing? Swaddling? Bathing?

  21. Can you walk me through how to properly prepare and handle a bottle of breastmilk? Formula?

  22. What is your protocol when you're sick and are scheduled to work?

  23. What do you like best about being a nanny? Least?

  24. In the event that my child was choking can you show me how would you respond?

  25. What reasons would warrant a call to mom and dad? I can't stop here...

  26. Can you swim?

  27. Do you have liability insurance?

  28. Do you report your income to the IRS?

  29. Do you own a gun? Do you conceal carry? What is your stance on guns?

  30. Are you willing to travel with our family if we'd like to take a vacation together.

  31. What would you say are the greatest safety risks for a child his/her age?

Start Earlier Than You Think You'll Need To

Great Nannies are often few and far between. Finding the right fit for your family may take quite some time and prove to be a challenge. But you're a parent and by now you know, Challenge is your middle name!

Your Nanny is A Family Investment

Be prepared to work closely with your nanny to grow with your family. Your nanny will spend many hours in a day helping raise your children. Consider not only the money you spend on paying a nanny, but the time you spend communicating, collaborating, and teaching your nanny an investment, because it is!

A Good Scenario

I find that going over a few well thought out scenarios with the potential caregivers will help you better gauge their abilities and your comfort level with each. Finding the perfect nanny or caregiver for your family doesn't mean sacrificing your comfort!

One example would be to ask a question such as this, "You've noticed that our baby hasn't rolled or attempt to roll over at all while in your care. He is now 6 months old. Do you think it's something worth communicating with us about? If so how would you do this? If not, at what point would you bring it to our attention, if at all?"

Any good caregiver should know that by 6 months of age most babies are rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy very well. Does this caregiver ignore possible signs of delays in your infant's physical development or do they bring it to your attention? Do they deliver their concerns in a respectful, but direct way? Does the caregiver suggest you should mention this to your child's pediatrician?

Some Things to Consider

How did you feel in the caregiver's presence? Did this person put you at ease or did something feel off? Always, always trust your gut! Did the caregiver seem comfortable and confident? Poised and relaxed? Tense or nervous? How did your baby respond to him/her? Did this person keep their appointment time, arrive on time, communicate effectively, and leave within a reasonable amount of time? All things to note!

Final Thoughts

When working with The Jax Baby Company you have a fully vetted team that works together, cohesively to provide seamless care to your family. So you never have to worry, if you need an extra day or night covered you have an amazing A-rated team that communicates with one another after each and every shift to bring you the very best care Jacksonville has to offer!

Our postpartum and infant care specialists are here as long as you need us. We can help you interview nannies, work one-on-one with a nanny for the day or week to see if they seem like a great fit, and help show your preferred nanny the flow of things to help make it an easier transition for everyone.

Transitional Support

After hiring a nanny you may feel as though you still need some support. We're here for that transition! Keep us coming to your family once or twice a week, once every other week, or even once monthly for ongoing care, support, and a great night's sleep.

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

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