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Dear Parents on Your Mobile Devices

Updated: May 6

Dear Parents on Your Mobile Devices

Dear parents on your mobile devices, I see you at the park, sitting at the picnic table on your laptop while your children entertain one another. They toss about the mulch, and dig with their sticks in the dirt.

Their hands are small, but their imaginations are as big as their hearts! We all know you see your three year old climbing those steps, all alone, while you peer over the top of the screen and watch another child's mother runs over to help your son up. You sit engrossed on your laptop. We all physically see you, but I see you practice self-restraint so your children get to interact with other people in the world in which they live, together. I see you resisting the urge to tell her you would prefer she let your son climb the steps without being lifted up so he get the exercise that his body needs. His motor skills need this time at the park! I notice that you ever so lovingly look over at your children and smile as they race each other down the slide and push each other on the swings. As you type intently word after word your children yell for you to watch them! You cheer them on and then focus back on your work. Work to some that seems to be more important than your children.

Let that not worry or distract you, for you are an incredible parent! Oh I see it, I do! I see the hard work and motivation in your eyes and more importantly, I can feel the love in your heart from across this playground! I see siblings engaging with other children and trusting one another. I see two happy children who are using the outside world as their classroom; they are learning to be independent while being closely supervised by their parent, someone who loves them more than anyone or anything else in this world.

That's powerful! Dear parents on your mobile devices I hear you talking over your kids! I hear you catching up with a dear friend whom you haven't seen or talked to in nearly three months. I see you purposing to make time for your friend, someone who you've shared good times and bad with. Someone who has been a solid support for you and you for them. I hear the laughter from the other side of the bench and smile a little knowing your friendship means a great deal to you!

That's beautiful! Your children will grow up with you modeling for them what positive friendships/relationships look like. They will know relationships are valuable, unique, and important. Dear parents on your mobile devices, I see you taking calls on your cell phone while your kids tug at your shirt tail and beg you for a snack. I see you feeding your kids those goldfish and juice boxes while you talk on your phone! I see a parent scheduling an appointment with their daughter's pediatrician and scheduling a parent teacher conference. I see you juggling being a fun, in the moment, and responsibility. I see the McDonald's wrapper fall from your bag to the ground. I see someone who cared less about breakfast and more about making time for their kids to get that important park trip they have been asking about! You promised you'd take them and you're a person of your word!

You are a promise keeper! Your kids will grow up respecting you for your honesty and always being person of your word, this is harder to come by than you might think! Dear parents on your mobile devices, I hear your phone go off and signal you to check your text messages. I watch as your youngest child throws sand at your oldest and then your oldest hides alone under the slide. I comfort him while you texted back and forth giggling. To some onlookers I am a stranger and you just don't care about your kid, but to you I am another parent who is just checking on him and showing normal important human compassion. Thank you for not judging me or making assumptions about me. To me you seem confident, but wise and watchful over your children. I see you, I notice. I see a spouse whose other half is working overtime so that he/she can be at home with their children. I see a couple working hard to make a life for their children and for their family. I see small sacrifices for a better future together. Dear parents on your mobile devices I see you looking around and wondering if others are watching you and judging you for not being up running around with your children. I see the gears spinning and the expectations you put on yourself. I can see your confidence fade for moments here and there as you second guess yourself. I see this because I do this too! Yep! Then I remember I am a parent doing the very best I can at this very moment and that is o.k. I know you know this too. It's a nice reminder though when another parent says something encouraging to you!

I want to be your encouragement today!

I want you to be someone's encouragement tomorrow! Being a parent is humbling and has taught me a whole lot! One very important things I have learned is that there is no right or wrong way to raise your children, just one way or another. It's also taught me we never know it all. Being a Doula has allowed me to see parenting in an entirely new light, be more encouraging than I ever imagined possible, and let go of many expectations. When we let go of expectations we allow ourselves more freedom and happiness! we are more mindful and in the moment. Dear Parents on their mobile devices please know I see you, I admire you, I respect you, and I do not judge you! Parent with confidence with all the love in your heart and know THAT is enough!

You are enough! I challenge you to encourage another parent today! With words, with your actions, or simply by sharing this blog with someone who may need to read these words today!

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