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Cesarean Birth Recovery Essentials

Cesarean Birth Recovery Jax FL | Best Doulas in Jax FL

Cesarean Birth Recovery Essentials Cesarean birth recovery is a question we get asked about alot. Are you planning a cesarean birth? Do you want to be prepared in the instance that you may need one? Keep this short list handy!  Be sure to print this so that you can bring it with you on your next shopping trip!

Compression Splint or Belly Band Trust us! After having major abdominal surgery, your core will likely be weakened and sore.  A compression splint helps with the immediate balance, alignment, and pain issues that can arise. Laughing, sneezing, walking...and using the bathroom can be really difficult.  By placing continuous counter-pressure, the splint will manually keep the muscles and incision "in place".  A splint is definitely for the short-term, however.  There are many on the market, ranging from very inexpensive to top-dollar. Even Kourtney Kardashian has espoused using a post-pregnancy wrap (The Belly Bandit), though I can't speak personally to this brand's comfort or effectiveness for cesarean birth recovery.

Comfortable Underwear/Bottoms Because your incision could be easily irritated, you'll appreciate little to no contact with it, especially itchy, scratchy elastic.  There are a few options to consider.  You could get cheap, replaceable high waist briefs, or you could opt for the "no-line" panties which don't have the typical waistband.  Another option to consider is the C-panty, which serves as both a compression/binder AND comfortable underwear during cesarean birth recovery. In addition, denim shorts and pants may irritate you. This would be the perfect time to splurge on some cute sweats and yoga pants!

Snack and Entertainment Basket A MUST have.  It is really super-duper important that you rest, restore, and bond with baby after a cesarean birth.  (Very) minimal walking is okay (provided your doctor or midwife says so); however, you'll want to avoid excessive up and downs, walking, lifting, etc. This is especially true if you live in a two story home. But a girl's gotta eat-right? The solution:  set up an awesome area where you are comfortable and happy.  Have some snacks, books, your tablet, essential oils, lotion, music, remote, and the baby's essentials in arm's reach.  Make it YOU, make it CUTE. Remember-you NEED to pamper yourself during this time so that you can pamper baby too!

Postpartum Support This is paramount and often forgotten. In American culture there is this highly valued thing called independence. We sure put a lot of emphasis on it. We are strong, we can handle hard things! This is definitely true. We are resilient, we bounce back....birth recivery is different, especially cesarean birth recovery. Our bodies, despite how we may or may not feel, need to heal and that takes a full 6 weeks. Line up your support system. Your partner, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, church family, and of course your postpartum & newborn doula. Having people support and assist you for at least 6 weeks after a cesarean birth is invaluable and we have built The Jacksonville Baby Company to do just that! Personal Assistance for Healing and Recovery is what we do! Do not be afraid to ask for help. This is the one time in your life you absolutely should be that person who asks and fully accepts help. If speaking up isn't your strong suit, have them choose from pre-selected tasks, that will help you most. Better still, have your postpartum doula delegate tasks to best support your cesarean birth recovery. A Jax Baby Company postpartum doula will intuitively know *what* and *how* to help you to a relaxing recovery. Get the Cesarean Birth Recovery Printable here!

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