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Carpe Diem Parenting | Do the Thing Y'all!

Updated: May 5

Carpe Diem Parenting | Do the Thing Y'all

"What's carpe diem parenting", you ask. In short, it just means seize the day! Do the damn thing! Say yes!!! Life is short, sometimes much too short. Between adulting, exercising, meal prep, and chasing your toddler around, the days seem so long, but the years just fly right by! You know how it is. One minute you're wondering if they'll ever crawl or say mama and the next minute it's a full-time job to keep them from climbing tables and you're hiding fine chocolates in an empty frozen broccoli bag to enjoy a piece now and again in peace in quiet!

Carpe diem parenting means saying yes to family time!

Take the vacation! Use your leave! Take the boat out on the water, put your feet in the sand, and splash around in the pool, the bills, the to-do list, and the mess will all be there when you return! No one ever looks back on life and say, "Damn, I should have tackled that laundry instead of playing and enjoying time with my family.

Carpe diem parenting means it's not all about the kids!

Catch a movie and lunch with your sister, the kids don't need you every minute. In fact, being away from your kiddos sometimes will allow them time to miss and appreciate you more! As long as they are well-cared for they will be fine. There's nothing like the love of a sibling, even when they are a big pain in the ass! I promise one day will come and you will miss them probably more than you ever imagined. Yes, I know that day is not today!

Carpe diem parenting means everyone is learning!

Get that massage, try the dessert, and sing wildly with your hair blowing in the wind! You deserve to treat yourself to something fun and relaxing! Being a parent is hard! There's no trophy for those who finish without stopping to smell the roses along the way! Hint: the trophy is the flowers you missed along the way! It's not a race, it's a journey. Journeys are meant to be lived and experienced to the fullest. I'm not saying there won't be hardships, bad times, or even times that the unthinkable happens. I am saying just the opposite. With the good comes the bad, you can't have one without the other. So carpe diem means to seize every single moment in this life!

Carpe diem parenting means saying yes!

Say yes to you, because in doing so you're teaching others how you expect to be treated. You're setting an example for your kids. You are paving a way for others who may be hesitant to seize the day, the moment, or the experience!

Say yes to your kids, if you can't identify the true harm in it?

Embrace carpe diem parenting whenever and wherever possible!

Get down on the floor and roll around, be silly! Splash in the water, skip stones, and watch the birds. Talk about your day, listen and ask questions about their day. Let them wear the tutu and rainboots! Enjoy them!

Our team at The Jax Baby Company wants you to experience and cherish everything you can in this lifetime! No matter what parenting style you adopt We are here to listen, offer an objective perspective when you're interested, and most importantly we have no ideas about how you should parent your children or live the life you are living! We just want to support you through it and help you enjoy it in your own way, in your own time as much as possible! Contact our team today! Cheers to carpe diem parenting!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

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