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Best Toys for Toddlers

Updated: May 8

best toys for toddlers | night nanny jax fl

Best Toys for Toddlers It seems as parents and caregivers we're always on the hunt for the best toys to keep toddlers busy.  Toddlers are spunky little balls of creative energy! With every interaction and new experience, they're soaking up vital pieces of the World around them.

Learning through play is the name of the toddler learning game! As postpartum doulas we work closely with families and one of the perks of our job is helping to care for older siblings. Naturally, we get to check out all the cool toys first hand. So we decided to put together a list of the best toys for toddlers and share it with all of you.

Toddlers are rambunctious and often bounce off the walls. They need constructive ways to get out their wiggles. Getting them involved in kids yoga is great, but for wiggles that spring up out of nowhere we love indoor trampolines, or jumpolines as our daughter use to call it! This trampoline by Little Tikes features a padded handlebar for stability and hours of bouncing fun that happens on the mat instead of the walls!

Sometimes the best toys for toddlers aren't toys per say. Sshhhhh, don't tell the kids. We've found this human anatomy puzzle is more like paper dolls many of our parents played with as children than toys, but they're interesting. Toddlers who are in the "why" stage will likely find this interesting enough to work this "puzzle" again and again. For the older kids, this kit ignites creative learning and gets two thumbs up from The Jacksonville Baby Company!

Has your child ever been reluctant to go to the pediatrician's office? Children who are reluctant to go the pediatrician's office usually have some sort of negative association. Often times that association is with vaccines or another less than pleasant memory that took place there. Kids who are enthusiastic and reluctant about visiting the doctor's office love playing doctor with this medical kit. They get to hold the medical equipment and see how things work. They can ask questions and get answers from those they trust in an environment where they feel safe. This toy provides hours of fun and creative thinking!

What toddler doesn't love the water! Well, maybe not submerged in water, but you know what I am talking about. Puddle jumping, cup dumping, water smacking fun with water! This awesome table allows for hours of sand and water fun! Tables like this can be played with as you grill up some steaks and enjoy a cold one! Add this awesome water and sand baking set to your toddler's table and they can "cook" up their own creations! What's great is this baking set can also be played with in the tub and at the beach!

Whose toddler will score major points at the next play date? You guessed it, yours! Create a space for the group that's entertaining and educational with this super cool, two-sided waterfall playset makes for hours of summertime play! We've even seen some parents get crazy creative with this one by adding sand for alternate play in the winter months. Our only complaint about this one is that we think there should be more pieces to the set!

Sensory play is lots of fun especially when it's child-led! One of the best toys for toddlers is a sandbox because it invites participation. It can be relaxing and meditative while urging children to test out their ideas. It can be done alone or with friends and your toddler can use tools or just their hands. By adding things into the sand like shells and treasures they can have a hunt of sorts. It will get them thinking and excited!

When the day is nearly done and you are eager to get your kids cleaned up and into bed here's a few gadgets we think are absolutely brilliant! The first one is sure to get a toddler's gears turning. This simple water powered chain includes five gears and could be used with these pipes for even more working bath-time play! Both suction to the walls and can be easily cleaned if they begin to mildew. Never underestimate the power of crayons! With bathtime crayons like these you can play so many fun games. Try drawing an F and asking if it's a C or a P and listen as they laugh at you and say, "no silly that's an F". Excellent way to reinforce things they are learning!

Everyone wishes for kids that sleep in, or at least stay in bed until morning, AMIRIGHT? Of course, I am! I haven't met a parent yet that doesn't like sleep! Getting them to sleep in their own bed is one challenge. Getting them to stay in their own bed until morning is another beast entirely. The Miraro OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night Light is one of the best toys for toddlers and most heavenly creations since gourmet chocolate home delivery. Not only does it help parents get more sleep (like postpartum doulas), but it also teaches independence. Its color-changing light tells toddlers when it's ok to get out of bed, the best part is it's programmable so parents can choose the wake-up time! In addition to this modern day magic clock ⏰ the Potty Time Potty Watch is another neat find especially when toddlers are going through that "it has to be my idea" stage. The best toys for toddlers are ones that let them do what they do best; play! If we can let them be little while providing a safe environment and an opportunity to learn they will!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


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