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Best IKEA Finds for Baby

Updated: May 5

Best IKEA Finds for Baby Heather & Elizabeth, professional postpartum doulas and experienced moms share the best IKEA finds for baby in this fast & fun video!  They say leave your work at the door, BUT they just can't! Supporting families is what they love, they've done this their whole lives, becoming certified doulas just made it official! You can watch the video (ignore Elizabeth's RBF, LMAO) read the blog or both. Either way, you get in on the fun and get pro tips!

It's an IKEA take over, baby edition!

The first item to make the Best IKEA Finds for Baby list is a potty seat! The LILLA 1-piece potty seat and the LOCKIG 2-piece  potty seat made the top of the list! The LILLA is a lean-green minimalist machine. Think easy to clean, space saving, low-profile potty and it is priced right at only $4.99. The LOCKIG is great too! Priced right at only $9.99 its two-piece design offers a higher back and a wider base for those who might need to feel a little more secure while taking care of business. Both pieces pack away nicely in the back of your SUV for potty learning on the go!

The second product to make the Best IKEA Finds for Baby list is fun-tastic! The LEKA baby gym is stylish and functional without being too garish!  Its primary colors provide a great contrast for developing eyes and makes for easier hand-eye coordination. The toys come off of the base so babies can hold and enjoy the reward after kicking and hitting them around. The entire thing is wooden and is priced right at only $29.99. As a bonus, these same toys can be used during tummy time because again you can remove them easily from the base and let baby reach and enjoy them! We also really love that you can use your own blanket underneath the gym and switch them out as often as you'd like or need to. Do you have a beloved quilt or blanket you want to use when a special someone visits? This baby gym allows so much versatility.

The last product we're featuring today on our Best IKEA Finds for Baby list blog is the ANTILOP highchair! This lovely chair ssembles and breaks down easily, can be used at home or on the go, and cleans up in record time! We appreciate it's curved back because it provides a little more comfort on your baby's bum!  I think the coolest thing about this highchair aside from easy cleaning (think more time for fun or sleep) is that you can buy it with the tray for $19.99 or without the tray for $14.99 and even order a replacement tray for $5.00 if you need a new one later. Not sure this is the chair for you? Call a friend, drop into IKEA together, grab a complimentary coffee, latte, or cappuccino using your IKEA family card and try this chair out for yourself in the cafe!

We have a few other favorites, but these are the best of the best IKEA finds for baby! You can create a gift registry at IKEA  and add these items and many more to your list, making gift buying easy for all your IKEA loving friends! What do you think? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment, email us at, or connect with us on Facebook!

First Coast Doulas do not any kick backs whatsoever for mentioning IKEA, we've just genuinely enjoy their products (and coffee) and want parents to know about things that can make their lives easier!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth & Heather

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