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Becoming A Mom; 10 Terms with New Meaning

Updated: May 8

Becoming a Mom | Jax FL | Placenta Encapsulation

Becoming A Mom; 10 Terms with New Meaning Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding life experiences ever! It is also one of the most challenging ones. There is a saying or quote somewhere that says something like, with great rewards comes great responsibility. Who ever said that must of had children and been referring to their journey as a parent! So here is a quick list of terms that come to my mind when thinking of becoming a mom!

Bottoms Up

  1. Pre-Baby: Reference to tipping one's alcoholic drink back and finishing it!

  2. Post-Baby: Baby sleeping on knees and chest with their bottom in the air; too cute!


  1. Pre-Baby: partying

  2. Post-Baby: up all night with a baby/toddler who won't sleep. You're fairly confident they'll never sleep solid stretches of time, but you hold out hope that they will because right now it's all you have; dreams and coffee, yes you have coffee!


  1. Pre-Baby: sexy, very nice looking

  2. Post-Baby: describing the way your feel as you shed the hormones from pregnancy to postpartum. Along with feeling "hot" women also shed hair, and can experience a range of feelings and emotions.


  1. Pre-Baby: an intense feeling of deep affection

  2. Post-Baby: knowing what it's like to have part of your heart walking around outside of your body.


  1. Pre-Baby: getting a call from someone, usually in the late night, early morning hours to "hang out" at their place. Usually leading to sex.

  2. Post-Baby: Getting called in to take care of the poop diaper. (Thanks honey!)

Sleeping Like A Baby

  1. Pre-Baby: sleeping peacefully

  2. Post-Baby: You call BS on the term, "sleeping like a baby". You realize the term is a complete and utter joke! At least in the early weeks it is. Babies wake often to feed, why not use the term "sleeping like my husband", Lord knows he is the one sleeping, like really sleeping these days.


  1. Pre-Baby: Something you did with your friends to have fun, relieve stress, or to keep up with current fashion trends!

  2. Post-Baby: Going out only to buy what you need to survive for a week or two at a time. When done alone it's like a mini vacation! YAY!

Free or Me Time

  1. Pre-Baby: Time each week you have available for extra sleep, meeting up with friends for lunch and a movie, hobbies; basically doing things you love.

  2. Post-Baby: Time between feedings, diaper changes, bathing, play-time, appointments, work, cooking, and sleep (the rarest commodity), being the kisser of boo-boos, and all fifty others things moms do on the daily to pee or shower without an audience. Free or me time may include making a quick return phone call to let your best friend know you have survived another month as a new mom. Something you must purpose to do to feel a sense of normal these days.

  3. Taking time for a relaxing bath without kids peering over the bathtub edge, a quiet walk alone, meeting a friend close by for lunch and adult conversation, or getting your nails or hair done are a few ways you can make time for you. I want you to remember and repeat after me, "to be the best parent I can be it's important to take time for me!" Getting away, for an hour or a few hours allows you to come back refreshed and ready to be mom again! It may help to think of it as a way to have happier kids!

Date Night

  1. Pre-Baby: A fun and exciting night with your honey!

  2. Post-Baby: A night with your honey... it can be fun and exciting, but it can and many time does feel awkward, quiet, or seem forced or weird. With practice and intention it can be exciting and anticipated again. Again repeat, "to be the best parent I can be, I have to take time for me!"

Last, but not least I wanted to make you laugh a little today. After all, if we don't laugh, some days we'll cry!


  1. Pre-Baby: A dance you did!

  2. With Child: The way you walk now, knowingly or unknowingly while sporting a big 'ole beautiful belly! I hope this blog post made you smile! Feel free to comment here on the blog with other terms that take on a new meaning after becoming a mom!

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