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Baby Registry List for the Minimalist

Updated: 6 days ago

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Baby Registry for List for the Minimalist

With gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, how do you know what you need for your baby registry? Truthfully, newborns don't "need" a lot during the first three months. They don't! Warmth, milk, and comfort in the arms of those who love them. The Jax Baby Company loves making life easier. We've created a "Minimalist Checklist" printable for your baby's first three months of life!

Baby Registry Essentials:

Car Seat

The first and most important item on your list should always be bought new, never used. Be sure you are following the manufacturer's recommendation for height and weight requirements as well as usage. If you have an infant car seat from an older sibling be certain your seat isn't expired and you are following guidelines for safety. Generally, the law and other government organizations set minimum safety guidelines that are far below best practice. A great website to help with all things car seat and car seat safety related is They have a Facebook page and group too!

Crib & Mattress/Pack n Play

safe place for your baby to sleep is a necessity. Both the crib and the Pack n Play have pros and cons and each family will decide what fits their needs best for the first three months. If your parents saved your crib for you to use with your baby it's a precious gift. However, if it's a drop-side crib it's not a safe sleep space for your infant. In 2011 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ban on the use, sale, or resale of drop-side cribs. Cribs that allow you to lower the side are responsible for infant deaths via suffocation and strangulation. Keep your baby as safe as possible and say "pass" on drop-side cribs. Looking for some cute things you can do with your old baby crib? Give us a follow on Pinterest!

Bouncy Seat/Rock n Play/Swing

A place other than the crib/Pack n Play to free up your arms when you need both hands and don't want to or aren't able to wear your baby. Any and all of these are great options. All have pros and cons and each family will decide what fits their needs best for the first three months.


Getting things done around the house can be difficult for parents of a newborn. Babies have the biological need to be very close to their parents during the first several months. In addition, if you're concerned with people holding or touching your baby too much in those first few months wearing your baby reduces the desire for others. Since you can't grow two additional arms, wear your baby!

Reclining Stroller

The reclining feature is a must so your newborn can lie back flat. It's also great for siblings to push or ride in. Many grandparents may be more comfortable with a stroller versus babywearing for several reasons; unbalanced footing, ease of use, etc.

Thermometer with Probe Covers

The first time you feel your baby and they feel "warm" or "hot" it will scare you. First baby or fourth, your heart drops to your stomach. Don't be caught without a rectal thermometer and disposable probe covers. The recommended way to check a baby's temperature less than six months of age is rectal. Your pediatrician is a great person to ask for guidance if you're nervous.

Nasal Aspirator & Saline Solution

You've probably seen a bulb syringe used to suction a baby's nose. That is a nasal aspirator. You will be given one at the hospital. They sell saline nose drops/spray over the counter and both aspirator and saline are cheap.  The Nose Frida is a nasty looking booger, but works so well and loved by many! It can be cleaned better than the bulb, and it's used with less fuss from babies!


No matter which you put on your baby registry, cloth, disposables, or a combination of both if you choose to stock up ahead of time making sure you know your store's return and exchange policy and save those receipts! Some babies have sensitivities and some diapers work/fit differently on different babies, you really would have no way of knowing that beforehand. Pro secret; babies stay in size 3 disposable diapers the longest of all sizes.

  • Cloth Diapering Essentials:

    • 35-50 diapers

    • 8-10 waterproof covers (if not using AIO)

    • velcro/pins/snap closures

    • 1 waterproof changing pad

    • 1 tube of diaper cream (cloth diaper-safe)

    • diaper pail

    • 25-30 cloth wipes or terry cloth washcloths

    • 1-wet bag for travel

  • Disposable Diapering Essentials:

    • 120 diapers

    • waterproof changing pad

    • 1 tube of diaper cream

    • diaper pail/bags (diaper disposal)

    • large box of wipes (500-800 count)

Diaper Bag/Back Pack

Diaper bags are essential for traveling but can double as a diaper caddy to make changing your baby upstairs, downstairs, or any room in your home easy.

Cling-On Sun Shade for Car

Protecting your baby’s sensitive skin from sunburn is very important, especially since sunscreen isn't an option at this age. One way to do that is to put up a cling-on car window sunshade to keep those harmful UV rays out.

Pacifiers with Holder

If you are opting to use pacifiers straight away we suggest buying 2-3 different types of pacifiers. The hospital will provide one for your baby, but having backups is a very wise choice. Don't forget to properly sanitize your baby's pacifiers by boiling and cooling before use and grab a paci holder or two to keep it attached to the baby and off the floor or other surfaces crawling with germs.

Bath Time Essentials:

  • 1-infant tub/large dish pan (to bathe in the sink)

  • 2-4 soft infant washcloths

  • 1-2 soft hooded towels

  • 1- gentle soap/wash


A super soft-bristled brush is a must. It can be used to brush the fine hair on your baby's head without hurting their sensitive scalp. It also helps to loosen the cradle cap that some babies experience.

Nail Clippers

Be sure to pick up clippers made for tiny newborn hands; some even have a magnifying glass on the end. Clipping your infant's nails, like checking your baby's temperature rectally is something many parents dread. No worries, you'll be fine and so will baby!


Gone for now are the nights of pitch black. You'll need to see for night feeds, diaper changes, and maybe even pumping milk. Avoiding bright lights is a must, but complete darkness is not going to serve you well. There are all sorts of nightlights available including some motion activated ones. Buy one for each room you'll frequent during the night.


A word to the wise. Think minimalist here! Everyone adores teeny tiny baby clothes, they are so darn cute! For that reason I say wait to purchase those! You will of course come across a few of the most awesome baby digs imaginable and you'll buy instead of adding them to your baby registry! Grab the 6-9 months or bigger, because more times than not people will gift you newborn or 3-6 months sizes. Also, consider what size the baby will be in the season your buying for! When adding clothes to your baby registry you have no way of knowing if you'll have a preemie baby, "newborn" size, or a newborn that is already into the 0-3 month’s size. Keep that in mind. Know your store’s exchange and refund policy and save those receipts! If you find yourself with new, unused baby things re-gifting is never a bad idea when we're talking tiny humans who outgrow things rapidly.

Clothing Essentials:

  • 6-8 pair of socks (they can double as scratch mittens)

  • 2 newborn hats

  • 8-10 onesies appropriate for temperature in the house and when going outside; short sleeve, long sleeve, or combination of both will do.

  • 4-6 button shirts for baby while their umbilical cord heals

  • 6-8 footed sleepers with zippers

  • 3-6 gowns (gowns lift with no snapping or zippers required and make diaper changes simple)

  • 4-6 pair of pants and a jacket depending on the weather.

  • 4-6 "outing" outfits If you live in an area where it gets brutally cold you will want to plan for that. Remember that once you put your baby into the car you will need to remove the thick winter wear in order for them to be buckled in safely. A hat, mittens, and a car seat cover/canopy or an extra blanket will do just fine. Many people feel more comfortable pre-washing everything. Dreft and Tide Free and Clear are considered the washing soap of choice by many parents. With that said majority of babies do just fine if you wash their clothes in whatever you're already using. My personal advice is to start with what you already use. Maybe add in an additional rinse and see how it goes.

Feeding Supplies

If you are breastfeeding there really isn't much you need. Sure there are tons of fancy products out there for the breastfeeding mom, none are truly essential. I would say read and learn how to store and handle breastmilk and how to hand express for sure. It is one of the very best ways to remove milk from your breast.

Breastfeeding Essentials:

  • 1-box of disposable nursing pads ( or 10-12 washable)

  • 1-2 nursing bras

  • nursing pillow (The Boppy pillow is great, but bed or coach pillows will do)

  • 6-8 bibs

  • Haaka

  • This book is a pocket guide that I recommend to keep near you as you nurse your baby. If you are expecting to pump right away for various reason one may need or want to you'll want to invest in a good breast pump. My recommendation is a closed pump system like the Ameda or the Spectra. Breastmilk storage bags or containers will also be needed.

Bottle Feeding Essentials:

  • 8-4oz. bottles

  • bottle brush

  • 8-10 bibs

  • 1-travel bottle warmer

  • 1-home bottle warmer

  • 1-thermal travel bag

  • 1-travel formula dispenser (if you're using formula)

  • 1-can formula (if you're using formula) Speak with your pediatrician to get recommendations on which formula may be best for your baby. Know and follow the World Health Organization's (W.H.O.) guidelines when mixing powdered formula. Powdered formula is not sterile and requires a specific preparation to avoid illness.

Swaddles/Receiving Blankets

  • 2-3 swaddles & 6-8 receiving blankets OR 8-10 receiving blankets From birth until they begin trying to roll over, around 2-4 months swaddling your baby helps soothe them. Swaddling can be achieved using a swaddle or by using large, but thin receiving blankets. Receiving blankets also double as great burp cloths!

1-2 Waterproof Mattress Pad(s)

A breathable, tight-fitting mattress pad is essential to keeping your mattress in great condition! You can buy these for full-size cribs as well as the Pack n Play some are louder than others as baby moves.

2-4 Fitted Crib/Pack n Play Sheets

Make sure your sheets are tight-fitting on your mattress for safer sleep!

Quick Tip: Double make the crib to save yourself time in the middle of the night when a diaper leaks. This is how you do that.

  1. put a waterproof mattress protector on

  2. put a crib sheet on

  3. put a second waterproof mattress protector on

  4. put a second crib sheet on

4-6 Prefold Cloth Diapers

They make excellent burp cloths and are relatively inexpensive. Another option is using the thinner receiving blankets as burp cloths.

Baby Tracker App (that's the name of the app)

For those who love to chart, keep notes, or journal this is the app for you! If you need to keep records or just love to know what happened when it's amazing. It also allows multiple people to track; mom, dad, and your postpartum & infant care specialist! Oh and it happens to be free.

Baby Book/Websites/Resource List

There are some great books and websites to help you learn about your baby's development, milestones, common concerns/ailments, and how to care for your newborn. Creating a personalized resource list will first help you explore and learn about various options, and secondly, it will be handy and available should you find your baby in a fussy mood or your breasts in a painful situation.

We hope this blog has helped discover what you need for your baby registry! Follow us to stay connected.

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Authored by Elizabeth Luke

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Jacksonville Baby Company. With certifications in Postpartum and Infant Care Support, Childbirth and Newborn Care Education, Lactation Support, and Infant Sleep, Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge and has a heart for helping parents live their best lives while also ensuring their children are safe, happy, and leading the healthiest lives possible! Contact us today for day, night, and live-in support! 

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