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Baby Products That Aren't Worth Buying | Top 5

Updated: 7 days ago

Baby Products That Aren't Worth Buying

As a new or soon to be parent you want to know about baby products that aren't worth buying! "I can't wait to dish out hundreds of dollars on things I'm probably never going to use, we'll end up hating, or that'll cost me more in the long run", said no parent E-V-E-R!

We asked some of the families we work with which baby products or services they could've lived without and here's what they said.


No, really they said the BabyShusher!

With a price tag of about a $35 the Baby Shusher comes in #1 on our top 5 list of baby products that aren't worth buying. First, there is no way to charge this thing, you would think it would come with a USB port to charge it! It's an awkward shape, it rolls off of things too easily. Its loud landing is less than soothing! Instead the MyBaby SoundSpa easily replaces it! While it too does not have a USB port it still hits a homerun with babies, parents, and caregivers at a fraction of the cost too!

Baby Kicks

"But they're so stinkin' cute!" Yes, indeed they are, but they're all for show! Buy your baby some kicks and his milestone photos will include achievements like, "pro at getting poop on new shoes at diaper changes", "losing a shoe each time I go out", and "outgrew my shoes before ever getting to wear them!" First-time parents admit being sucked into the world of tiny baby shoes, while most experienced parents laughed when we asked them about shoes for their infants!


If there ever was a waste this thing wins the prize, seriously we've worked with multiple families and talked with many parents who were absolutely disgusted with this product. Even one of our own Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist's has tried this thing and her son laughed at the idea of sleep! Also, as an infant sleep specialist who follows the AAP recommendation for safe sleep, the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit concerns me.

Changing Tables

I'll admit, I was really torn about including this on our top 5 list of baby products that aren't worth buying, but I just gotta! Probably half of the families we work with say they have zero use for changing tables. Diapers are easily changed just about anywhere, we get it! Many parents choose a bed, the crib, or the floor to change their little ones and use the would be changing table space for something else or to maintain the openness in the room. My suggestion is to create a few portable changing caddies to keep in different areas of the house. Include the basics in your caddies; diapers, wipes, a changing pad/mat, ointment, and maybe a onesis just in case.

Infant Carseats

Infant carseats are heavy, cumbersome, and take up way too much space in the Target cart. Many parents are opting for convertible carseats. Perfect for newborns right on to and through the threenager stage! Check the manufacturer's recommendation on the particular seat you are looking at for height and weight requirements. However, most rear-face from 5-40 pounds (19” to 40”), provide side impact protection and come complete with a 5-point harness with easy front adjustment. That means just one seat from the time your child is born until the time they forward-face in a booster around 4 or 5 years old, and some longer! With a price tag at around $50-$300 you are sure to get your money's worth!

Other Top Contenders

We polled other parents just like you and here were some of the other top responses:

  1. wipes warmer

  2. traditional diaper bags (backpacks are awesome)

  3. baby towels & washcloths

  4. baby bathtub

  5. shopping cart cover

We love hearing from our readers! If there's any product you love or hate we want know about it. Drop us a comment below or contact us personally.

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

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