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All You Need is Love-Marriage Equality for All!

marriage equality | Jax FL LGBTQ

"Love, Love...All you ever need is love."  Marriage equality is here to stay! We know that families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  We know that families are built on love.  And we know that all families, however they look, can use a lending hand. As strong supporters and allies of the LBGTQ community, The Jax Baby Company is extremely happy in the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court.  The essential right to marriage equality has been a long time coming, and it is simply wonderful to see a growing movement of acceptance and a growing demand for equal human rights all because of love. As I sift through my Facebook, I am encouraged by all the supportive profiles I see; however, saddened by the still few that are holding on to archaic and false views of tradition. That said, I know that the world is changing for the better one day at a time.  As they say, our children are our future.

Speaking of children...This is big news! The validation that accompanies knowing that anywhere you and your family choose to live, or any decision regarding your children, will be legally protected just as any other family, is HUGE.  Be reassured that, when the time is right, Jacksonville has THE doulas for you! We are PROUD to stand by you and your family, to support you in your parenting journey as your postpartum and infant care doulas, your friends, and your allies.

After all love is love and it's all ya need ;)


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