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We help you get the restorative sleep you need, so you can enjoy your baby and your lifestyle.

Hi there, I'm Elizabeth! My friends and family call me Liz or Elizabeth, but never Beth! I'm a Florida native who loves snorkeling and crocheting but longs for cooler weather and autumn experiences. I also need my sleep! I'm talking a full 8 hours, not just naps! If I had to bet, you do, too, and that's where I come in!

The Jax Baby Co. is the leader of fourth-trimester care in Northeast Florida! We ensure you get the sleep you need to recover from birth, confidently care for your newborn, and create a lasting family bond. With day, overnight, and live-in care, we fit seamlessly into your life while supporting your well-being and helping you achieve your goals!

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Expert Sleep Training Tips

Baby  not sleeping through the night?

Discover the secrets to helping your baby achieve a full night's sleep.



Postpartum Support

Preparing for life with a newborn? Maybe you're exhausted and quickly coming to grips with the thought of being sleep-deprived forever. You don't have to wear exhaustion like a badge of honor; it's dangerous and affects all aspects of your life. We provide you with full nights of sleep, help you prioritize self-care, and enjoy your time with your little ones while maintaining the lifestyle you love! 


Newborn & Infant Care

Our team understands your concerns and supports your parenting choices! We provide daytime, overnight, and live-in care to help you build confidence, assist with your little one's needs, and ultimately, get the sleep needed to ensure you're laying a solid foundation to raise happy, healthy children.



If you have questions, we have answers! Stop stressing and suffering from analysis paralysis. Sit down with us and get answers to questions that keep parents awake at night! We provide private consulting services on pregnancy, birth, baby care, postpartum recovery, relationship goals, boundaries, and sex. We help you organize your ideas, set goals, and create customized plans that fit your style. 


Sleep Training

If it's taking forever for your baby to fall asleep, they wake up frequently, night after night, and some nights they hardly sleep at all, then sleep training is for you. It's obvious that your baby needs sleep for healthy development, and you need rest to maintain a career and healthy lifestyle! Our Infant Sleep Specialist comes to you, does all of the "heavy lifting", and has you and your baby on a steady sleep schedule in 7 nights or less.

Elizabeth helping a new mother feed her baby a bottle.



Consultations allow you to meet privately with a professional, get answers to your most pressing questions, and feel relieved and optimistic moving forward with a plan!

Sit down one-on-one with a professional and get answers to questions that keep nearly all parents awake at night!
From pregnancy concerns to sexual wellness, birth, postpartum healing, and recovery to infant development and sleep!

love letters

The Jax Baby Company came to our rescue in a big way. Not only did our specialists provide great care to our newborn, but they also provided us with tips and information to make newborn life easier. She quickly became part of the family and once our little one started sleeping through the night, we were sad to say good-bye.

Ashley Friederichs

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