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The Symptoms of Postpartum | From Blues to Rage | FREE PRINTABLE

Updated: May 5

The Symptoms of Postpartum | Blues, Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Rage, & Psychosis

Maybe you're expecting your first babe, and you're wondering what are the symptoms of postpartum? Most first time moms wonder, and many second time moms feel lucky to have "escaped" that "postpartum stuff" with their first baby. Depression and postpartum blues, depression, anxiety, rage, OCD, and even psychosis are often used interchangeably. Postpartum simply means the period of time after a person gives birth while the rest of the above-mentioned words are illnesses or disorders. Some of the symptoms are of postpartum are alike, while many symptoms overlap and combine. Others may only experience a few of the symptoms or not recognize what the hell they feel or are experiencing.

What are the symptoms of postpartum?

Well it totally sucks, like a gut punch, a slap in the face, and a period from hell, it's debilitating, and to top it all off, it's isolating! In addition to everything listed below in the FREE DOWNLOAD, there are also physical symptoms like headaches, shakes, fatigue, dizziness, hunger or lack of hunger, body aches, and even vomiting.

The good news?

Postpartum illness and disorders are treatable with either therapy, medication, or both. If you feel you or someone you know may be suffering from this illness, know that it is not your fault and you are not to blame. There is HOPE and you are NOT alone. Call someone you trust and your doctor or an emergency crisis hotline right away so that you can get the help you need.

Don't take no for an answer!

You can develop these illnesses/disorders at any time during pregnancy or during the first 12-18 months after giving birth. Keep reaching out if you feel brushed off, don't ignore the warning signs, find a support group, a great therapist, postpartum help, and practice self-care!

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke-

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