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The Biggest Lie We've Been Told

Updated: May 8

The Biggest Lie We've Been Told | Jax, FL Doulas

The Biggest Lie We've Been Told The biggest lie we've been told isn't our fault, nor our friend or sister's fault. Society as a whole is responsible. The biggest lie we've been told is that we (moms and dads) must keep up! PLEASE DON'T CLICK AWAY! I'm not picking on you at all. I bit it; hook, line, and sinker too, and so are almost all parents. We don't want to admit it, not out loud, not even in our own heads, but it's the truth!

The biggest lie we've been told (and tell ourselves) is that we must keep up! It says Becky had a natural birth, I should too because that's "best". I should smile because that's what "happy" moms do! We should be having sex because that's what "good" wives do. HA! The biggest lie we've been told says we need to keep up with society's (or your own) idea of supermom (or dad)!

Stay with me!

The biggest lie we've cultivated (and believe) as a society is the idea that other people's view of us is more important than how we experience our own lives. There isn't anything inherently wrong with keeping one's appearance up at all. But what cost are you willing to pay?

The biggest lie we've been told says we must keep up and hurry through a time in our lives we can literally never get back. There aren't any do-overs during our fourth trimester.

I challenge you today to start by thinking about your earliest moments together with your newborn(s). How do you want to spend that short time? What's most important to you during your maternity leave? How long do you have?  Six, eight, maybe twelve weeks? 42-85 days? You've waited nearly 40 weeks give or take to see, touch, smell and experience your baby! You've dreamt of being a parent and now it's finally happening! One day you're coming home with a baby in your arms and in what feels like a blink of an eye you are getting teary-eyed about starting back to work next week!

The biggest lie we've been told says we should do all the things and be all the things to all people around us who we love and care about.

Guess what, you don't owe anyone anything at all! Not your mom, your in-laws, or your church family. Especially not after you give birth!

This is your time and you deserve to experience it! And you deserve every single minute to be as smooth and supported as possible! It's not your job to be anything at all to anyone else!

Childrearing is by far the hardest job humans can ever have.

Enjoy those moments when they're little, tiny, and needy.  For one day they will be too big to rock, too sweaty to smell sweet, too cool hugs and snuggles, too sassy for help with their meals, too fast to catch, and too darn busy!

Invest in the best postpartum and infant care support team you can get! Invest in Y-O-U, because you deserve it!

Not just now, but future you deserves it! Poop-splosions cleaning, vomit catching (yes in your hands), broken heart-comforting, parent-teacher conference attending, paying out the ass for college you!

It's true!

Our team of vetted, experienced, and highly-skilled postpartum and infant care specialists are here, ready to meet you where you are and spoil the snot right out of you!

You get an entire team with us! One on one support with built-in backup in case anyone is sick or has an out of town trip planned. You're never left out to dry!

We're here so you can experience everything that's meant for you, just the way you want it! Do you want to spend your days snuggling, nursing, and napping alongside your baby love? Do it! We'll make you yummy snacks and put fresh sheets on your bed when you slip away for a quick shower! Are you craving chocolate and desperate to get back into that book you started? Do it! We'll take over, unload that dishwasher, and wear or play with your baby so you can do you Boo! Do you find comfort in being up each morning showered and in full makeup by 8 a.m.? We'll have coffee or tea waiting on you, let's rock this ish!

This is your journey, don't shortchange yourself! You have a choice. You don't have to believe or accept the biggest lie parents have been told. We're not saying it's all rainbows and butterflies, but having a team of magical unicorns around through the good and the bad is pretty badass (just read our reviews)!

We're your unicorns! Your maternity leave can be full of great nights of sleep and a baby who's never left to cry alone. Nevermind walking us through how to do this or that while you could be sleeping. You can have meals in bed (or at the table) that actually make you feel good instead of guilty. You'll get answers to all your questions without Googling your entire maternity leave away! And best of all, you don't have to give up Y-O-U or compromise the care of you little one!

How do you really want to spend your maternity leave? Flowing or forcing? Rushing or basking? How do you want to remember your maternity leave?

The biggest lie we've all been told as parents is that we must rush through the fourth trimester and put ourselves back together quickly like it's a flipping race or something. But, the best-kept secret is excellent postpartum and infant care support! The Jacksonville Baby Company will help you find your new normal, on your own terms! Contact us today for the very best in postpartum care and support on the First Coast!

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