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Hello, My Name is Scotti Howard

fun headshot of Scotti Howard of The Jacksonville Baby Company

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing blogs featuring our team members! Today's blog is all about Scotti Howard. Scotti is a Birth, Baby, and Fourth-Trimester Educator as well as a Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist here at The Jacksonville Baby Company.

Scotti has an unwavering dedication to her role as a postpartum and infant care specialist and a deep love for being an educator! Her mission is to revive the beauty of parenthood for families and offer invaluable support during their transformative journey.

Scotti has extensive experience caring for newborns, including twins and preemies. Not only does she take her education seriously, but she enjoys researching important topics to provide the highest level of care and understanding to every family she works with.

Two of the things I admire about Scotti are her persistence and her confidence.

this or that, one person's preferences

In addition to training and certifying with The Jacksonville Baby Company, Scotti has also worked alongside lactation consultants, behavioral specialists, and pediatricians to further her knowledge about mother-baby care and has even provided postpartum support to refugee mons who were battling both figuring out motherhood and an entirely new life in another country. Her grandmother was also a pediatrician and became one of the first child psychologists in her area.

"The information I've learned from my grandma and my past experiences have been invaluable!" Scotti proudly confesses. "My passion for this work started from the age I could hold a baby doll and grew from there!"

4 interesting things about Scotti, text only

Scotti finds happiness in music. One of the instruments she plays is the guitar and babies love it!! She enjoys being with her daughter on her days off and watching her grow, learn, and explore. Her daughter finds following the kitty cat around amusing and Scotti relishes in her daughter's joy!

What's your...

favorite book: "It's a toss-up, The Color of Water or The Alchemist"

guilty pleasure: "watching dashcam videos on Facebook"

favorite women in history: "Malala Yousafzai, Angela Davis, and Bell Hooks"

pet peeve: "Leaving cabinets open! WHY?"

craziest thing to ever happen to you: "Well, not me, but my mom was almost kidnapped by Ted Bundy when she was little."

Scotti, do you have a favorite quote?

"But at the end of the day, there are some questions that have no answers, and then one answer that has no questions: love rules the game. Every time. All the time. That’s what counts."

Want to work with Scotti?

If you're expecting a little one soon you can book classes and overnight postpartum and infant care with Scotti by contacting us here. To ensure coverage when you need us the most we highly recommend booking early in your second trimester.

woman wearing leopard print glasses and an orange dress sitting in a hammock swing outside

Co-Authored by Elizabeth Luke & Scotti Howard

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Jacksonville Baby Company. Elizabeth and her husband and best friend, Richard are parents to four children. With certifications in Postpartum and Infant Care Support, Childbirth and Newborn Care Education, Lactation Support, and Infant Sleep, Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge and has a heart for helping parents live their best lives while also ensuring their children are safe, happy, and leading their healthiest lives possible! Contact us today for day, night, and live-in support! 


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